Release: Game update [v.0.9] [Complete]


Hi everyone,

Alpha Patch 0.9 is about to be released at around 16:00 UTC . Once the update begins the servers should be offline for up to 30 minutes. We’ll update this thread once it’s been completed.


Update: this has now been completed

Full patch notes

Alpha 0.9

Features and changes

  • Improvements to fleet management:
    • Simplified flagship level to always represent the maximum number of ships that can be formed into a fleet around it (no exceptions)
    • Increased the fleet radius size but limited the max distance between ships to 300m
    • A new fleet grid graphic which shows the distances between ships in a fleet
    • Fleets can only be formed using the ‘Merge fleet’ command (removed the manual way)
    • The camera locks over the fleet you are managing to prevent losing it or accidentally zooming away

Bugs fixed

  • Sometimes it wasn’t possible to merge fleets (even when at the same position) or to split ships to form new fleets
  • Fleet transfer screen: quantity input fields were limited to 5 digits instead of 6


Couldnt wait for this. The fact we can put more dreads in a fleet is nice. Also now we have to use more thought into forming our fleets, either have all war ships, or have tiny scouts that act as a relay to put war ships further out to avoid splash.



I thought they specifically said that you wouldn’t be able to have more than one Dreadnought in a fleet.



They explained that in the post.



They fixed that it was 5 (previously) instead of 6 (currently).



Nasty fleet formation changes! Did you HAVE to make it so the fleet resets every damn time we add another member! Fleet limits can mean we HAVE to add new built ships one at a time, we don’t have the A2 Luxury of assembling them in open space and then dropping them in one at a time till we had our ideal formation!

Please at least have new ships slide into any legal place without disrupting the current layout :slight_smile:

Very very very annoying!

Colossal Backward step despite the other worthy changes

Roll back please!



Think you guys went overboard with the max distance. A single torpedo ship will be able to deal massive damage to my entire 10 ship fleet. Aoe weapons are now gonna be the only weapons used. Cannons are now useless. A cluster torpedo will be guarenteed at the very least 5 times damage thats 800 damage at the very least to a fleet, with a single torpedo. I think you should tone down the aoe damage. Make it where every 50 or 100 meters it loses some damage. But now torpedos are overpowered.



If the max distance is 300 meters, that means the 300 meter torpedo will hit at least 3 targets (which I suppose is the point). But then the 1500 radius torpedo will hit at least 9 targets, even if in line formation for maximum spread. That makes it way overpowered (certainly for its spot on the tech tree) unless a nerf there wasn’t reported.



I feel like the developers will see how these max ranges really play put in fleet vs fleet and see what they do next. I really like how streamlined they tried to make fleet formation more streamlined and player friendly. They did have good intentions about making AOE weapons more useful. I would love to see videos of how torpedoes are working in the new patch.

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I think this only happens to our existing fleets which are now in illegal positions based on new 300m logic. New fleets or fixed fleets do not get their formations messed with when adding a new ship.



Well I did try it with a fleet I had used their reset on and then added a couple of ships. reset both times…

But if you are having success then maybe its a localised bug rather than a global glitch?

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I do NOT like this change. I have specific positions for my ships, depending on the weapons used. It is a real PITA, almost impossible, to position the ships where I want them now. Not everyone uses one ship design to create their fleet NOR should they and we shouldn’t be forced to. I ask for a roll back on this new “feature”. Also I have a diameter for my ships which exceeds how I can actually place my fleets, what a waste. @mel @joe



I’ve tested this a couple of times just now and have seen what Zathabar has described (the previous fleet formation is reset when a new ship is added - despite the previous formation having been legal/created since the update).

I’ll get the devs to take a look at this as soon as possible and find out what’s going on.



My understanding with this update was that due to the new 300m max distance limit between ships in a fleet, any existing fleet which is in a now illegal formation, would have to be changed to a legal formation before a new formation could be saved. This should have been clarified in the release notes - but it doesn’t appear to be working like that at the moment anyway: legal fleet formations aren’t being maintained when a new ship is added to the fleet.



Thank you.

I don’t like it really really don’t but will try to give it a fair shake of the dice.

Having ships in a specific order is an absolute must in the game currently. In my example the T1 destroyers in the back row all lob missiles like its no tomorrow the four T2 in the front row are heavily shielded to soak the Pirates Energy barrage. If this fleet is moved around too much vulnerable ships get hung out to dry…

PR torps DOWN to 1200m Stardard ones UP to about 500m AND (this is critical) Distance between ships up to 500M is my feel for the situation.

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If the consensus amongst players is that splash damage is too strong due to these changes it’ll likely get looked at and tweaked shortly (reduce the splash radius or increase max distance from 300m - or a bit of both?).



I sent you a private message with the fleet design I use now, vs my ability to create a fleet similar under the new setup. I’m at the point now of not creating any new fleets until something is changed. I can’t create the fleets I want to create under the new methods.

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If you make the ship distance more than 300, splash will never come into play, so I reckon just nerfing the damage / splash distance on the more AoE torps. Then downgrade torp damage for 2.5 ships being hit on a normal hit. (because you wont always get a center one, and targetting options will prefer ships on the edges of a line once a hole has been made in a line)



Well contrary to apparently everyone else, I like the changes to the formation of fleets specifically although the restrictions feel a bit tight.

I do have minor OCD though so that is a large factor in my liking this change. MUCH easier to line things up properly!

That being said since torps explode from the center, the 300m limit might not guarantee it hits any other ship which would practically make the regular torps single target damage and the splash torps… they are going to be extremely overpowered. However I have already worked out some methods of mitigating the damage of them.

I say y’all need to fiddle with it, run some tests before deciding it needs to be rolled back. But that’s just my two OCD cents.



With the talk of AoE nerf, I have to say, I liked the old method. With the right fleets you could space things to limit AoE, but that might have meant using fewer ships. You had to take AoE into account.

Now it seems like the trick will be Battleship - scout - battleship - scout - battleship (etc.)

That way you can reduce AoE. Sure, you have half the firepower, but if you are cutting AoE damage by 2/3 then it’s worth it.