Release: Game update [v.0.887] [Complete]


Hi everyone,

Alpha Patch 0.887 is about to be released at around 15:00 UTC . Once the update begins the servers should be offline for up to 30 minutes. We’ll update this thread once it’s been completed.


Update: this has now been completed


Full patch notes

Alpha 0.887

Features and changes

  • Automated research option added to the research screen (below the research queue)
  • Large extended ordnance part was added (see the wiki for cost and capacity)
  • New scout engine can be researched and equipped to scout and corvette class hulls (free warp 4, boosted warp 9, see the wiki for full stats)
  • Mankind female character has been redrawn
  • Additional information on Civilization screen about current population maximum (with farms/controllers) and general planet maximum (without terraforming).
  • Fleets in orbit of a planet can now initiate a transfer to the planet from the fleet’s own transfer button (before, you had to click on the planet and select the fleet from planet management). A fleet in orbit can also transfer resources directly to another fleet in orbit of that planet (it’s only possible to transfer to one of your own fleets).

Bugs fixed

  • Transfer screen:
    • Not all nearby fleets/wreckages were displayed as transfer options for a fleet when they should have been
    • It wasn’t possible to select another object to transfer to after a jettison pod or a wreckage had been selected (you had to cancel the transfer and then select the object again)
    • Clicking the ‘Max’ button to populate the transfer quantity was limited to 5 digits, 99,999 (it’s been increased to 6 digits 999,999) and if assault troops were being transferred it was setting only 10% of what it should have been.
  • Removed corruption impact on second civilization for syntis
  • Orbital defence systems were attacking cloaked ships (they won’t now, even if they are decloaked)


Seeing as the Saber is a corvette, this is going to make Saber fleets insane. Just imagine this: a 12 ship cloaked Saber fleet at warp 9… :fearful:
Edit: It also gives more energy than the other engines… Is this just a Ripchee buff in disguise?


Maybe redraw Syntis too?
Cuz how I imagine Syntis isn’t like Bastion from Overwatch (with the current race picture).
I imagine Syntis as more Synthetic Humanoid robots - maybe look at the movie iRobot for example.
Edit: Yeah… Syn in Syntis could be short for “Synthetic” - which leaves the “tis” part to be “tissue” perhaps?


350 Mw energy… Keeeeriiist Some serious upgrading on my Scouts in the near future them beggars are hard nuts already wonder how much shielding I can put on one now…


Good update, though, I dont think this is a good idea… when they decloak they should get smashed…



Is there a typo here? Shouldn’t an orbit defense shoot a decloaked ship?


It’s just the first step in this direction. We are planing to rework this mechanic pretty soon, as well as behaviour of guards on the orbit.


While I like this as an interim solution, Am I right in thinking this is only until the new native pop dev comes in (ie enslaving them, eating them etc lol) ? @mel


Sorry it begs a new question, will orbit defenses only fire some of the defenses, enough to kill the ship, but those that didnt need to fire are available for the next ship that might enter the orbit?

in effect stop cheap scouts being used to trigger defenses…

Another thing, will you force the invasion fleet to remain in orbit while waiting for “invasion to begin”… like the mining/repair functions?



A|dding to that: If you have a cloaked Corvette with an Assault module can you now await the results of a resource raid in orbit with or without the Orbiatl Batteries blowing you to smoking ruins?

You’ll forgive me if I dont risk a 4 ship fleet of T2 Vettes just to test this for the meagre amount of cargo they can haul away please…


Ah so thats why they are not hitting a decloaked ship, cos of the hit n run…I would guess that you should be able to hit the planet while cloaked…

Def want the planet scanner (lv 3) to detect cloaks in orbit… even if they cant detect them in sensor range…


We think it’s a cool feature for all civs - but a nice boost for Ripchee in particular who currently seem to be the weakest civ. Plus, such a fleet of Sabers for Ripchee would be very expensive to build and still weaker compared to other typical fleets.


So a sabre fleet wont be hit by orbit defence?


I guess if it was cloaked then decloaked to attack then no… but if it was never cloaked then I’m hoping no…

If there is a cloak detector active that has its sensor range covering the system in question then I hope it will get hit…

Its a complex problem…


We have regularly found that Ripchee at T3 were the strongest.

Right now, its pretty clear across the board that humans are in fact the weakest civ.


@mel @joe

You failed to add that you have 6 digits in the transfer windows… I almost vacated a planet… if you choose max it will add the max of the available capacity at the destination… which in my case was 220000 and my pop was 200052…

LUCKILY it seems not to work… or I would of vacated the planet… which would of made me cry a lot…

I would suggest a “are you sure you want to vacate the planet” message… once you get it to work…

EDIT: Though it seemed to work for transferring 300K res in one go…


So its now possible to use a Sabre flagship and add troop transports to this fleet and use it, cloaked, to invade worlds behind enemy line without the involvement of the orbital?

If so it forces everyone else to put fleets at every planet and be online for when the guy decloaks, because it wont be any time for a guard fleet to auto intercept decloaking fleets in orbit in time before troops are dropped. With a 2 hour cycle on cloak detectors, that has to be manually cycled, cloak detection isnt a deterrent.


This is where fleet caps this low will fall apart


Give us back our scantily clad space waifu

the redrawing is a downgrade that adds space techno hexagons rather then actual clothing, it feels more appropriate for PR. Those eyes look dead inside.

The design is a mismatch of elements with a metal breastplate but a see through dress, it gives off a far too grim of an aesthetic for humanity with random bits of tech added.

The new design is less detailed, the gold and blue make a great combination to highlight mankind’s extravagant wealth. I don’t think anyone asked for this redrawing.