Release: Game update [v.0.88] [Complete]


Hi everyone,

Alpha Patch 0.88 is about to be released at around 14:15 UTC . Once the update begins the servers should be offline for up to one hour. We’ll update this thread once it’s been completed.


Update: this has now been completed


Full patch notes

Alpha 0.88

Features and changes

  • New Dreadnought class hulls have been added for each civ (unlocked by researching ‘War Machines’ technology which has been added to the tech tree)
  • Improved 3D ship models for Ripchee Claw and Paw hulls
  • Improved camera zoom mechanics better frame the object being zoomed to (most noticeable when zooming into a star system or to a large ship)
  • All errors and crashes in the game client will trigger a notification popup and the bug reporter window to open (to make it easier to understand if something has gone wrong and to notify us about it)

Bugs fixed

  • Minefields weren’t always working (at times fleets were able to pass through without taking any damage)
  • Syntis were able to exceed the number of colonies they should have been able to control by capturing planets through invasion
  • A very small force was able to defeat a much larger force during an invasion (the randomisation factor was off)
  • Zooming to an enemy fleet which had crossed into sensor range during the current session was causing the game client to crash (requiring a restart)


Yay! that zooming crash was annoying!



I wish I’d queued up T4 shipyards sooner. I wasn’t expecting them to be released yet.


@joe @mel

The release of Dreadnoughts will make the pain of the Admiral from Alpha 2 aparent for everyone. Namely the lack of a large slot Expanded ordnance module. One of these ships needs to sacrifice 2 large slots for ordnance using standard modules. This severely limits any increase in their armor/shields that would be needed to make them survive at least two salvos of focus fire.

Is there any plans to correct this and add Expanded Ordnance modules for large slots as well?

My prediction of how this will end up based on the leaked stats. PR and Synthis wont use theirs as they seem to be so large that they wont fit decent ships in the same fleet due to size issues. Mankind is a bit in the middle but Ripchees is so small that they can fit a dread with a full fleet of scares. Its the return of the unbeatable Scare fleets of Alpha 2, only worse due to larger size. The armor values is barely higher than a battleship so they wont make up for what you sacrifice for not being able to fit battleships with them as PR and Synthis. Mankind will be hard pressed to find them valuable as well but due to smaller size of their general ships they have hope of finding use for it.

Well see how it goes but stat wise, and from experience of the admiral in A2, it does not look promising


Bug: PR dreadnought isnt researchable on the tech tree. Mankinds is.


Thanks for letting us know. The devs are looking into it right now and we’re going to get that fixed as soon as possible with an update. As soon as I know more details I’ll post here.


We’re open to making configuration changes to Dreadnoughts once players have had an opportunity to access and test them out. They’re a new feature and we’ll appreciate the feedback from you all :slight_smile:


Due to a configuration issue the People’s Realm Dreadnought technology wasn’t added initially. We are now performing a quick server update that should take around 20 minutes after which the game will be back up.


The servers should now be back online and dreadnought tech available to research for all civs.


Game reset to where we were a couple days ago?


My bad… we are ok…


Off the top of my head I think my travel times are still mostly true to realtime, but the fleet itself rests at the origin of its launch.


Not quite true… As Aletheides says PRs from A2 have a buncha experience in them and I seem to recall the bewailing of “Why no extended large ordinance bay!” from waaay waay back.

This is not so much an opinion joe as a desperate need to keep ordinance heavy dreads in the running with the energy blasters now available to say the Rips. Seriously trust us on this one Extended Large Ordinance are a necessity not a power seeking players attempt at getting an advantage.

Even though no longer being able to mount orbitals will help (not sure why you changed that either ALL dreads should have that I think) but the Ammo is gonna run low very fast if shields & armour are maintained on parity with other races.

The big unknown for Dreads is Armour Bane weapon effects… Well soon see if they are as unbalanced as my instinct says they could be, if the days to build and weeks to research dreads fold up like cardboard under bane attack…