Release: Game update [v.0.83] [Complete]


Hi everyone,

Alpha 0.83 is about to be released at around 10:00 UTC . Once the update begins, the servers should be offline for up to 2 hours.


Update : this has now been completed.

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Release notes

Alpha 0.83

Features and changes

  • New and improved fleet management screen
  • Ships can now be upgraded
  • Wreckages containing resources are spawned after battles (disappear after 6 hours)
  • Jettison pods can be dropped and resources transferred to/from them by any player (they disintegrate after 6 hours)


Salvaging resources from a wreckage works in a similar way to the other transfer screens:

  1. Fly a fleet (with cargo space) in to the wreckage debris field (use the ‘move to position’ command after selecting a fleet and then clicking on the wreckage).
  2. Click the fleet’s transfer button.
  3. The wreckage should show up as an option on the transfer menu.
  4. After selecting the wreckage, any resources available can be transferred to your fleet.

Will there be other options, for instance if you set a ship with cargo space to intercept the wreckage, that you can select “search wreckage” (collect the cargo and resources) and “search wreckage and return” (collect the cargo and resources and return to original location)

Here we can see it appears that players can place ordnance, troops and colonists into the drop pod… I’m liking the option to transfer anything… especially thinking about how a siege against a player might go in a coalition environment… players could receive troops and ordnance for an invasion from a player designated as a supplier… That would be awesome, I do worry though that troops from a ripchee player would be converted to syntis troops of another player… troops should be immutable in race terms… there are exploits if the troops are not immutable…

Looking forward to trying this great work out… Thanks for the communication also @mel, we’re glad you’re here :stuck_out_tongue:

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Drop Pods seem OK at 6 hours, since its more of an exchange. HOWEVER - This new tech now gives the possibility to make things other than drop pods in space…

Wreckages I think should be a minimum of 12 hours and 36 hours (probably more). You don’t always have a cargo vessel around when attacking pirates. Also, with large battles, leaving it out there longer gives the possibility for scavengers, both sides of the conflict, or others to come in and get it.

I do understand this is just a playtest for this though to see if it even works well.

On a note about what I mentioned above -> Since you have drop pod tech in the game now, an item that can be constructed via ship and dropped into space which then can be interacted with…I don’t know if anyone realizes the implication here. We can now have space defenses, space stations, maybe a colony in space, a shipyard in space, etc.



Very Nice update overall However…

Yup was gonna say and the Big D beat me to it LOL! The game cycles in general on one a day log ins so 24 hours is far fairer.

All the rest of it? Seems excellent cant wait to test it beter when I get home ( My ability to play in work hours is sadly very limited LOL!)



I can see that’s needed, people sleep for 8 hours on average, if I got hit I might miss out on the salvage of their mistake… plus traversing open space is not a rapid process… and having wreckage available for 48 hours shouldn’t be an issue really…

As an idea off the cuff, the bird race with quick ships maybe could have bigger cargo holds too, also scanners that can detect battles at an extended range… ie the explosions and possibly subspace disturbances… so scavenger would be one of their traits…

I will setup some tests and see what gives…



I edited that post after I RTFM’d blog… glad you preserved it :smiley:

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Hello again :blush:
Thank you for the kind words.

About 6 hours for wreckages and pods, we will increase this time later. We know that it’s too short, but for now it will be like this.
Aaand we don’t want to litter entire galaxy :smiley:

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Yep yep, It would be such a missed opportunity to not have space stations, defense platorms, fake wreckage with “twist”/bomb, deep space mining platforms… So Death star, ringworlds, starforge, Dyson variants…



Such an awful pun from a Ripchee… shame on you…




Nice easily spotted Graphic as well TY Devs and especially @mel
Edit #1
Hmm anticipating my colleagues. Who wants to bet SOMEBODY immediately calls for an “Auto loot” bit of automation…

Yes this has some logic to it, BUT may I suggest if adopted auto tasks should take a LONG time to achieve rather than the couple of mouse clicks it takes us. Perhaps 6 hours making it equal to the current delay on these wreckage fields.

But seriously in the Imperial Zombie Fleet if I hear that a single captain of mine killed an enemy then stood by as the loot flew off into the void they would ALSO be flown off into the void without a space suite by my loyal Zombies…
Edit #2

Hmm more I think about this might I offer an early suggestion. How about:
Wreckage dissipates in 6-12 hours BUT if packed up in a series of Pods… double that up to 12 -24 hours.
This simulates a fleet grabbing the goods and anchoring it with a locator beacon until a salvage squad with cargo capacity can shop up and grab the stuff properly

  • Will pirates now swoop towards debris fields and or Pods from now on. If not why not? Surely they’d snap up free loot like the opportunists they are right?

Edit #4
Minor thing But I am not a cuddlily Puddy Tat… Oh wait were are ALL Puddy Tats according to your own screenshots on the website including the Syntis ships you used for examples!

Edit #5
I LIKE THE FACT ALL MY FLEET NAMES ARE NOW IN CAPS! VERY EYE CATCHING DON’T YOU THINK… LOL Forget this one I see its just temporary :slight_smile:

Edit #6

  • Wreckages will now appear at the site of every completed battle.
  • The resources that can be salvaged from a wreckage are equal to what the owner of the fleet would have got if they’d recycled it – about 75% of those used for its construction.
    • Additionally, any cargo that was carried by the fleet can also be salvaged from the wreckage.

Hmm Logical squeak here. Really? Blowing a ship to smithereens yields the same salvage as carefully dismantling it? Really is that how they recycle ships?
May I suggest 50% of Manufactured materials + 75% of Cargo as the base loot instead?



Thank you :hugs: For all your help, feedback and support!



You’re welcome give it at least two hours before the complaints and critiques start in earnest :smiley:

Oh and I see you STILL haven’t corrected my mode of a address Sir or Madame! Keep me on the hook will ye ROFLMAO



Just one of many options :grin:



This Update was well worth the wait love the new fleet management screen and the concept of Jettison pods Once Beta hits I can see a lot battles take place over these for how much they could be worth if you get to them.

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Thank you Mel! You have given us the option to abandon planets so that the enemy can’t get it. Just transfer population, and pack them away in the cargo pod. Rinse and repeat. Doesn’t matter if it’s one million, or two. The enemy ain’t getting a maxed planet.
Hopefully you understood the exploit that I am currently thinking that will destroy the game as it does not promote wars

Good job on the patch though, it looks real good! Hopefully we can form fleets from the fleet management tab soon

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Oh Good catch! Though wont the fleet have to be able to take a large amount of the resource to strip a planet to barebones?? I see how you mean just saying to make it work well you’d need some large capacity cargo fleets or else it would take a long time to space dump a world??

yeah I THINK i see a possibly un-thought of “Exploit” (Tactic?) as well but gonna test it first. Still over all a good update yes?



Well currently you can lift off all the populations and resources and thus reset the planet, though if you have only a tiny cargo/coloniser then you cant take enough off… and you cant easily drop happiness to zero and cause damage so that the planet is worthless when they take it… but will have all the res and people in the pod…

With drop pods you can move everything to a pod… WOW… however when limits are placed on the pod then they wont be infinite… Add in that it takes 1 hour to create a pod and you have a break…

Planets should not lose all their buildings when population moved… They keep all the buildings for 2 days without loss, then buildings start being destroyed at a rate that achieves 100% loss in a further 2 days… New colonisation will take over the planet with whatever buildings are left…

This should occur also when a player resets with a minor difference… resetting packs a portion of the surface resources etc from the empire as a whole (for their seed ship - resources should not be created or destroyed from the process of resetting, with the exception of topping up the new homeworld if they dont bring enough resources in the seed ship) and leaves the remaining resource on the surface… Some research is taken, the buildings follow the same destruction process as above and 10% of the population remains as native (if native races continue to include the main races) the rest commit suicide… since the player did kill their population in reality…

As a side addition players should have their current score deducted from zero when they respawn in… so they start negative, plus after 3 resets on the main galaxy they gain an achievement… not a good one :stuck_out_tongue: (The Asgard Medal maybe)

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Was I not supposed to say what it was? lol



Still Alpha we’re SUPPOSED to look for exploits… (I think!)

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