Recall Troops After Invasion

Probably not a “bug” so much as “feedback” but it’s sufficiently annoying that I’m calling it a bug:

Currently, you must be logged in for the end of an invasion or you will lose all your troops, because they start falling off due to the lack of facilities to house them on the planet. You need to log in and get them all back on the ship.

Suggested fix:
After an invasion, troops get 24 hour immunity where they won’t tick down even if there are no facilities to house them. This lets the player setup an invasion and log out without having to worry about being online when the invasion completes, to fix his troops.

Alternatively, you could just automatically send them back up to any available ships once the invasion is over.


Not opposed to this where you specify a % return, as it can be dangerous if you are the 2nd race on the planet, you will lose it if you send all troops back. However it is intentional that they start untraining due to a lack of military bases, due to other issues found in a previous version. You can retrain easily if you build more military bases once the invasion is complete…

This is not a “bug”.

We are planning to come back to troops/invasions and I agree we need something along these lines. I’ll add this to the related task we have open, thanks for posting.