Random Pirates in home system

Should I care about them? They just seem to sit and chill–target practice maybe? Not sure if I need to bother murdering them.

So far there’s only been one that popped in since my scouts left and I’ve just been letting him cool heels while I built some in-system defense and a hauler.

For reference, I literally just started about an hour and a half ago, haha.

Welcome wagon!

Yeah the starter pirate is really target practise. BUT don’t kill it unless you have ship(s) to haul away the useful debris. See the Wiki for that.

After the starter one though they start to arrive in greater numbers and may become more aggressive so be warned :slight_smile:

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Yep 4x veteran here, first thing I did was refit my scouts and queue up bp and construction for a colonizer hull freighter (PR here) :joy:

I figure I probably have a few days until I need to field a fleet for homefront defense? I need a bit to extract resources and build labs to research destroyer and frigate hulls, I doubt even the PR scouts could be effective after a certain point, I just don’t know what that point might be yet.

One more question, do ships/fleets defend the whole system (e.g. in the event you’re offline), or do you need to actually have ships stationed in orbit of each colony? Reason being I was apparently lucky to get 3+1 colonizable planets in my home system and now I have quite a spread to defend if I can’t make just one fleet to intercept hostiles wherever they present.

Ships auto attack other ship sin the orbit of the Planet they are also in orbit to.

Hostilities will prolly just be accidents or skirmishes initially but yeah the arms race begins Now!

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Well shit, I doubt it would have a point to drop my limited resources on having a single scout in orbit of each of my colonies, so I guess gl y’all

No need for that in any case NOBODY has the tech to do your planets harm yet LOL!


Also there needs to be an auto-explore function for scouts. At least one that automatically has them visit every planet in a system you send them to.


That’s been discussed. You can do a search on the forum to find similar topics and add your 2 cents on them. BTW the strongest scouts in game belong to PR. Just outfit them right and you’ll be fine early on. Everyone at this stage is just as advanced as you are. Zath is right, there will be accidents, but no one can take your occupied planets yet. That requires at least assault troops. And your homeworld should come with military bases already, plus an orbital defense system that is a Tier 3 level. Just the orbital defense system alone will deter anyone for quite a while.

Take a look at the wiki for further discussions on the military and orbital defense systems.


Thanks for the advice. I spent most of my initial two hours reading the wiki, and I actually followed the advice to dismantle the initial 10 military bases, going along the logic of pretty much what you said.

I guess the main question is, when do/how long until I need to care about random npc pirates?

That’s unfortunate and the wiki needs to be changed. The military wasn’t super useful at the beginning of Alpha3, but is most definitely useful now. You’ll need to rebuild the bases when you can. Not a super rush right now, but you’ll need them later.

Pirates provide you with a source of resources and practice with ship design. They will leave wreckage of farsu and ziryl that you can retrieve with a freighter and take back to your shipyard planet. You’ll find that you will need to put a single shield module on your scout as soon as you’re able. The early pirates tend to use energy weapons.

Also if you don’t kill them, they can enter the orbit of a planet and steal resources or target your ships. They love ships weaker than themselves. So watch out for your freighters and colonizers.

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Pirates get stonger as you get further along the tech tree. So it kinda scales. And don’t trust the wiki like gosple as things change.


I agree with @WarMongers the wiki is very useful, but there were several changes towards the end of Alpha3 that are probably not updated on the wiki as yet. Primarily changes related to minelaying & minefields, the mechanics surrounding the assault of a player’s planet, military bases and orbital defenses. Feel free to ask here or on discord if you have questions related to these 4 things in particular as the wiki might not be up to date. Otherwise it’s very helpful. There were also changes just implemented with this pre-beta on issues surrounding corruption and fleet caps that are likely not updated on the wiki as yet.