Random Events

So a point @Rae made in the top 5 suggestions post, exploration content, gave me an idea.

Make random events in the galaxy, one would be mysteries to solve.

*You find a wreckage in space.
*You check the wreckage and find resources, and a data package to download.
*The wreckage will not have all the res of the fleet value in it.
*With the data package, you have to make a report as to what happened here.
*The data package will give you corrupted data you have to piece together. Like photos and coordinates.
*The coordinates will lead you to the fleet which destroyed the fleet you found, if you can piece it together.
*The photos will be of the ships used in the battle.
*You can choose to solve the mystery. The mystery will ask you how large was the fleet, what weapons did they use, where is the enemy fleet currently, which ship classes did the enemy use.
*If you can answer all these questions correctly, then you will be rewarded with credits and res equal to the wreckage of the fleet.

Going by this we would need to make pirates different. Add new ships for pirates, and make them use different kinds of weapons. I think a pirate dreadnought would have a flagship level of 20, have 6 large and 4 medium weapons, and various general slots.

Another random event would be an assembly. This would be a group of pirate fleets stationed inside a system. You can gain intel as to where by watching where the pirates are going. If you see lots of pirates going to the same system, theres probably an assembly there. Leaving the assembly unchecked for too long will let the pirates get much more massive and powerful fleets. The pirate dreadnought above would be on par with player level dreadnoughts, say the pirates assemble enough rogue pilots. Once the assembly is over, say after a month, the pirate fleets will be very hard to kill. They would attack your planets either taking them from you or stealing res. These pirate fleets would have different formations which would mean they are harder to kill with aoe, they would have more powerful fittings like with better engines and weapons, armor and whatnot. All you have to do to stop the assembly is to destroy them while they are weak. Like i said, you will need to watch the pirates, and or kill them before they make it, and they will lead you to where they are assembling. The assembly can go on for about 2 weeks on a regular server before they gain alot of powerful forces. These pirates will be carrying a lot more res for you to steal if you kill them on their path.

Let me know what you think.

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YES!!! The game can benefit endlessly from these sort of things. The potential is really endless hehe

Love the idea

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