Rail Gun Weapon Ideas


So when in fleet managment screen, you see a targeting option called “system damagers”. I dont know if this is already thought of but heres what im thinking.
Rail guns. First seems kind of pointless, but dont stop reading yet. These can be a new kind of weapon which do certain things. One would be the ability to go through shields, like ballistics. Another would be that it does not alot of damage, but thats not all. The last thing is that it can really penetrate hulls. This is where it gets interesting. When a raingun hits, it has a chance to do some things. One could be to hit the ammo supply, this will completely remove all the ordinance in the module it hits, also dealing damage similar to a missile. Another could be to penetrate the engines, this will make it where if the fleet survives the battle, it cannot move until a certain time is up, or unless you remove the affected ship. Another would be to hit the shield module, this will completely disable it, meaning the shields that module was producing will be gone. I think this is a cool idea because it will make battles more interesting, and add more variety into ship building. Thats all, thanks.


It shoots a ballistic projectile so don’t see how a railgun should get different damage modifiers or be a new special weapon type… Energy weapons should be able to damage modules just the same once shields are down. Missiles and Torpedoes as well would damage modules.


They shoot highly explosive rounds. Meaning they dont penetrate and damage the outer hull. Railguns shoot armor piercing rounds which arent highly explosive, damaging a module or anything else. They arent ballistic, ballistics use gun powder to launch a projectile, Railguns use electromagnetic fields to launch a projectile. The modules are most likely armored, so a highly explosive round wont be able to damage it. Plasma weapons shoot plasma, obviously, which also do not penetrate hulls, they also damage the outer hull. So again they cannot damage a module. Railguns arent explosive so they only penetrate hulls, meaning they would do less damage to a ship, but could damage a module. If you dont know how guns work you shouldn’t post here.


Wow man you might want to look up the definition of ballistic. And after you do that explain to me ballistic InterContinental missiles. Do they use gunpowder?


Railgun ammo can consist of any kind of ordinance you want to use, armor piercing, explosive, nuclear, a rock lol


So what I got from reading this is that Rail guns do damage equivalent to a missile. I don’t have an objection to that [i’m running off the assumption that generally ballistic weapons do less damage then plasma, and that modules aren’t outside of a ship] Yes with special targeting any gun should be able to do the same thing as a rail gun some guns better then others and some not at all. There are simply not enough guns to have this diversity right now, we have guns that do splash damage,guns that can fire from any angle,and guns that can penetrate shields and hurt the hull directly. The day specialized targeting is added there should be more then ONE gun that can target and damage systems and other things that can do should be able to also, because if there is just a rail gun we will see fleets with ONLY rail guns. and that woulden’t be too fun.

My problem with this is that the debuffs that are stated they are a bit too powerful, that they need to be checked by a system I’m thinking it should be a “stacked” debuff meaning that every time it is applied it will get worst.

Lets look at shields, 1 stack it will decrease the max strength it has until time is up. Add another stack it will worsen the debuff. But the rail gun will always carry the chance to knock out shields entirely.

With engines every stack would slow your your in system speed and lower your max warp speed until time is up the max being half in system speed across every engine, here would be the lowered warp speed for each engine. Carrying the chance to disable engines of the affected ship for a period of time.

  • Base warp engine would limit up to warp 1

  • Improved warp engine would limit up to warp 1

  • Zero gravity warp engine would limit its free warp to 1 and its max warp to 3

  • Dark energy warp engine would limit up to warp 3

  • Hyperspace energy warp engine would limit its free warp to 1 and its max warp up to 4

I’m not sure if this is logical as in the debuff progression with the stacks for the engines but for the stack limit for shields would be up to 4 saying the ship survives the battle. Haven’t thought of a % each stack would give to the total shield strength. so if a ship has 100 shields it would at most lose 75% of its strength without being knocked out completely. for the engines max stacks would be awkward for me to figure since we would have warp 1.5 with the max stack i’m thinking it would be 3.

As for the ordnance supply I it would be a range of % to% of your max ordnance you currently have also carrying that chance to completely drain the ship of all of its ordnance.

I’m not sure if any of this has game play logic to this so feel free to correct me on any of this.


We do need more items to be added to the game, however from a design perspective, a Rail Gun would have a very specific thing it would do, and it would only do that, like every other weapon. All of the different things you are describing need to be split up among various weapons and weapon types.

As for Rail Guns, they are basically using magnetic forces to propel a giant piece of metal that can penetrate quite deep (they test them in the ocean first, then on a test field, and finally on targeting fields). You can basically attach anything you want to that piece of metal, however, the usually just use slugs in the form of a piece of metal, or something that has a small payload inside that explodes on impact. They have all sizes of these guns as well, and shoot slugs around 20-50 pounds (9-23kg) in weight (usually made from aluminum, carbon, and iron based metals). These things can go like 5000 mph (8000kmph) - That is 2 to 3 times faster than a bullet, and these things can shoot 13 to 100 miles (21-160km) away.

If you wanted to equate a Rail gun to Beyond Dark, I would suggest a weapon that has almost no travel time, packs the punch of more than a torpedo, negates shields and does damage directly to the hull, however there are a couple draw backs- The power consumed by these weapons would be as much as plasmas AND they would require ammo to fire as well, also reload time would be quite long.

EDIT: These weapons would be Alpha Strike Weapons on giant gun platforms, but after they fired during the Alpha phase of combat, they would take awhile to get back into the fight. A lot of people build a strategy around what they can do on that first round, so these would make a viable alternative to what we already have in game as it stands.


Agreed these weapons would be massive. Either a ship would need enough space for some kind of cyclotron or a very lengthy rail in order for the magnetic forces to be stepped up to something approaching the velocity of light. So yes impact would be immediate… The weapon should require a special slot (think Admiral+) so the size can be designed into a specific hull. The power would be immense, think 5000 plus and time between firing should be say 3 minutes… Damage would be catastrophic… 10K maybe… imagine punching a hole in the hull, small internal detonation and the projectile breaks up into smaller parts still travelling near the velocity of light… immense… A cyclotron type could be smaller and accelerate the projectile to a lower speed in a compact circle, requiring just as much power as it would need higher magnetic fields to contain it… this could fit into a large slot and do 1000-2000 damage with similar 3 minute cooldown…

Its entirely possible that the guys at BD have already thought of these types of additions, they already have specific slot types for specific hulls. We are likely seeing the tip of the iceberg in terms of hulls and weapons… They have done their POC if you like with alpha… we will see more in beta with very likely some surprises for live…


Reminds me of the “Spinal Mount” weapon concept from Leviathan where you have a ship wrapped around a weapon? Might be fun prolly best left as a Race special maybe a unique tech perhaps?


Real railguns currently being tested draw huge amounts of power to fire, but typically use solid slug ammunition. Since it hits at hypersonic velocity, an explosive filler would be largely pointless when compared to the raw kinetic energy of the strike.

I’ve always thought that in space combat a railgun woud cause minimal damage unless it hit something important and/or massive. Otherwise the round would propabably pass straight through the hull in a straight line, leaving a trail of neat holes behind it.


Bit dark but a rail gun hit in The Expanse. Right on through several bulkheads and took out life support. Show has many scenes of rounds just plowing through ships and leaving holes and is pretty realistic in what it depicts.


In game terms railguns could be modelled as lower damage weapons, but with higher critical hit chance. Shields would absorb nothing, but crit chance would be a function of base chance modified by remaining armour (to simply model angled plates deflecting shots).