Quick suggestion to make PvP and alliance play more meaningful

I suggest implementing “Ancient Tech Hubs” in perhaps 2% of all systems and spread evenly throughout the galaxy. These hubs will be visible to all who pass by on the starmap (outer sensor range). Hubs are like planets but you cannot build anything besides barracks and a super long range 100LY scanner on them, troops landed on hubs will defend hubs and it will be possible for attackers to land multiple assault fleets of troops to attack the hub. Enemy ships in hub orbit must be destroyed before troops can be landed. All structures razed when a hub is captured.

Hubs will give unique benefits that either benefit a single player or his alliance (can choose).

  1. Fleet Count Benefit. +5 fleets (player only) or +0.5 fleets (per alliance).
  2. Planet Count Benefit. +5 planets (player only) or +0.5 planets (per alliance).
  3. Special Weapons Benefit. +5 large sized unique weapons/armor produced per day that can be traded by the player.
  4. Inter-system missile. Every week, fire 1 warp 20 speed mega missile at any planet or fleet. Missile damages all ships by 50% and kills 50% of all onboard troops. When fired at a planet, destroys 10 random structures, kills 100,000 troops, or destroys 50% of all ODS (minimum 1). Player can choose.
  5. Inter-system laser. Every week, laser defense recharges. Laser can shoot down an inter-system missile targeting the player or members of the alliance. It can also be used to fry all troops in a single fleet. Toggle to defend planets only or both planets and ships.

All hubs can be upgraded to increase benefits. When it is captured, this upgrade resets. Make ~10 levels of hubs with each upgrade taking 1 week? Attacking hubs also takes longer ~1 week when there are large numbers of troops on each side.

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Sounds like a great idea, force a bit of warfare to actually happen naturally. Not just from roleplaying

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So anyone without one is getting blasted by a warp 20 missile because defense is tied into having one as well? No thanks.


Perhaps the unique weapons suggestion is a bit early for the game at this point, but I like the idea of creating randomly spawned special locations. At the end of the day, randomness is what will create strategic locations. Perhaps that’d make the game “unfair” somewhat, but that’s what occurs in real life.

Since you call them “Ancient Tech Hubs,” could they provide some tech benefit instead of special weapons? ie, a boost of 10 tech centers for 1 player, or 2 tech centers alliance wide? Just throwing out numbers.

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imo, there would be no reason for someone to shoot a rare once a week missile at a random player. It will ensure more objective based play.

I think tech centers would be a too small reward. Currently I have more than 200+ tech an hour, so 10 tech would be little reason to fight for a ‘hub’. Just my opinion, but these hubs should give something that cannot be obtained elsewhere to motivate players to capture them.

An alliance that controls say 12 of them could devastate a player, as you didn’t seem to put in a range limit. Some type of cruse missile mechanic would be welcome but not seeing this suggestion as anything more then a griefing mechanic.


Like I said, just throwing out numbers regarding a tech boost. I’m not sure what percentage would be considered a boost without being OP. :slight_smile:

hmm, at a 2% density and only 20% of all hubs being missile hubs and with each player to only have 1 hub on average, that would mean you pissed of an alliance of 60 members so much that they just want to spend their entire time griefing you? seems like you would have much bigger problems then!

If an alliance had control over a group of them they would most definitely use them to go after the leadership of any alliance against them. It would be nothing but a griefing mechanic.


Nosir. I don’t like it.

I’m fairly against the various ideas that go around involving big space guns or magic missiles or whatnot. I’d rather keep the focus on fleet vs fleet battles and maneuvers. Plus it’s more of a “winners keep on winning” scenario where an alliance that secures mega blasters can now defend it with their ships, their troops, their mega blaster and all their other mega blasters. How are we supposed to knock down the #1 alliance if they hold all the cards?

An idea I’ve been knocking around in my head is something more like Civilization style “Wonders”. They all do something small but neat. They are very expensive but not so expensive that a big empire wouldn’t drop resources on it. And they perhaps contribute to some ultimate win condition. But they also have a side effect, which is that they create uncontrollable wormholes to your area. So you build this thing, which helps you win, but at the same time opens up new lanes of attack and invites people to come gank you.

Basically, things that lead towards victory should make your empire more vulnerable rather than less vulnerable, in order to keep the end-game hopefully interesting and not just a snowballing-towards-victory effect.


PVE mini king of the hill, last man standing, or kill event. ships are really lost and spawns are better than pirates. Each hill or combat zone has its own score board and each winner gets a grand prize of 1 augment widget which upgrades 1 structure on 1 homeworld to t4. Runner up gets a smaller prize and so on. Competition is blind until event conclusion? Mines do not function/are disabled/removed.

Its a small improvement players will waste a fleet or 2 to win per hill… Idk… Still thinking about this.