Question regarding population rioting

At what point does a population go nuts and start destroying things? Sure we have a percentage that tells us how happy they are percentage wise, but this is completely meaningless as it gives us no real basis to go off of.

0% happiness I believe.

And there’s the problem. An important mechanic and we testers don’t know how its supposed to work…

Me personally I’d have a slight chance of a riot creep up any time the Population was under a base 50% Happy. That would keep players on their toes in my book.

But yeah right now I think you run riot risk at 0% with the rioting continuing till the buildings destroyed bring it back in a positive happy growth.

In A2, one of my planets was rioting with 10% happiness

yeah i’d think more along the lines of there’s a small chance that increases at a threshold like your thinking zath. a plane old rock bottom before they go bonkers is…well…bonkers. but okay then AWAY WE GO TO BONKERS VILLE!!!

I was told rioting begins for all organics except PR @ 30% happiness and for PR @ 20%. Haven’t pushed it that far to find out for myself.

Nowhere remotely close so won’t know for some time. but good to know to watch out for it.

I’ll push my guys to that limit here in skirmish and see what happens. If anything happens I will reply here.

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As syntis I regularly push the organic natives to close to 1 percent then back to max. I’ve lost nothing. After months.

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That’s right you show those useless meatbags who’s boss.

PR rioting at 20% and below for shure. Cats and humans at 30% and below. Robots never rioting. Idk for others.
Probably there must be some special thing with happiness for Scregons since they were desinged to co-exist with syntis.

So we are talking about just pure unhappiness here or is this mixed in with under supply of pop for workload required.

I was only referring to what I was told by Emarel regarding when rioting begins. I haven’t pushed the limits as yet.

about these one.
BTW evolvians are not rioting even at 15. lets continue tax them
P.S. updated. Evolvians rioting only at 0%happyness

I will maintain that pure happiness imbalance will only trigger at zero.

labour shortages may differ.