Question regarding corruption


So does corruption work differently for the different races? I picked up a total of 34 planets, skirmish server, and was at 3.96 corruption as ripchee while a PR counterpart with 33 planets @ 2.59 corruption…is there supposed to be that much disparity in corruption between races? because that rather noticeable. Curious if this is intended? And if so how does the progression work for the 3 organic races?



This is the wiki page regarding corruption. It is not for skirmish, but there are some differences depending on the race.



@Morri the wiki does mention the skirmish server at the bottom of the discussion though.

@Veqlargh you can check the formula for the happiness calculation. I would check to see if your (and your friend’s) corruption matches what is in the calculation, it could be a bug.

Straight from the wiki:

Mankind and Ripchee empires will have Corruption kick in at six planets taken, while The People’s Realmwill have to deal with Corruption at seven planets.

In the A3 Skirmish galaxy (started April 2019), players using organic Major Factions will not have to deal with corruption until 13 planets are taken.

Its possible the devs made other changes in the skirmish galaxy we werent informed of.