Question: Consolidate or expand?


So I’m at a point where I have a choice to make. I have a reasonably compact set of systems aroun my home world, but most planets are sub15km size. However, I can source mos resources quite well between the systems I control.

Should I:

A) Consolidate and populate as best as I can to build a strong home

The pros I can see:
More concentrated force projection when required
Easier cargo hauling due to shorter travel times

Popultaion limit caps out much earlier
Lower credit income from above
Lower soldiers available from above

A) Look to explore and expand out to larger planets for maximum population

Better planets when eventually found
higher total pop cap
better credit income from above

Horrible logistics
Any defence would need to be self sustaining in more remote regions

What thoughts do people have on this?

Corra o/


I feel for your dilemma!

If you are not under threat by aggressives’ nearby then a measure of expanding/recolonisation is my instinct.

Since I finally got a handle of the two edged sword of Corruption and Resource scarcity I have tried to pick systems where a combination of two worlds covers ALL resources at at least Medium Density.
Preferably with at least one of the to being 12Kkm or bigger. Don’t look at a planet as along term investment unless it has 10Kkm dia minimum. OR the combination of the two is 20+ Kkm, and that gonna be rare as many of the “golf ball” worlds do have some good res (in my sectors) but being that small you cant get enough Folks to fully deep mine and support a good planet.
So if you have to go sub 10 Kkm mine it dry and scrub it.


That’s my instinct, mine out the tiddlers and populate the larger planets. Scouring the small high res planets does mean they are more difficult for aggressors to stage from too I suppose.

I’m thinking slow expansion as I have two defunct player homeworlds nearby. I’ll research and then test invasion mechanics on them, though I think I’ll need some excessive orbital bombardments to cleanse the resident meatbags.


Seeing as your a syntis i would recommend expansion to 30 planet consolidate those ones, and the remaining 6 used as stripmining planets, don’t be afraid to abandon planets if it will help you in the long run.

You have a 1.5 combat strength but they have orbital defences T3 so 75% of your invasion fleet will vanish if you try and invade. depending on the size of their planet 175,000 troops should be enough to deal with it. 43,750 should make it to the ground with a combat strength of 65,625.

you can have 36 planets free, use it and expand.


With the planet limit you also need to work toward strategic systems. For example, the T4 shipyard is massive, and the power requirement is insane. You’ll want to select a system (or systems) that will hold a T4 shipyard, and build them accordingly.

Each system and planet should have a purpose. Grabbing a 24km planet just because it’s 24km doesn’t make much sense if the resources are poor, the other planets in system suck, and it’s far from home. However, if you are tight on credits such a planet might be worth while because the huge population could be 2-3x the income of smaller planets.

As @Lord_Emperor said, Synits are best when they are at max colonies, or as close as possible.

So, my general suggestion for syntis is to expand as quickly as possible, but identify if a planet/system is actually worth holding. If you are grabbing planets for the sake of grabbing planets keep a list, so you know what to abandon when you find better planets. This approach means faster growth, but it’s not without drawbacks. Every structure built will be torn down, and all population and resources will need to be moved. This results in a lot of logistical work. I have over 2 dozen freighters moving resources and population around at all times.

The final point I will make is that really, it all comes down to playstyle. I enjoy the logistics, and managing freighter fleets. This means that I spend less time in combat. Most of my combat ships are running escort duty instead of hunting pirates. (it seems that if you don’t kill the pirate fleet then it doesn’t respawn, and it’s a lot easier to avoid a fleet you can watch move at warp 1 than it is to avoid one that just spawned). For others, I’m sure they’d rather do the opposite. There’s also a number of other workable ways to play.


You can always expand and make cash farms with Syntis, then use the population growth from them to implant to planets that you choose for long term use.

With Syntis, expansion is key with keeping up with costs, since more population means more money. Also, you are the only race that increase landmass to 90%. This is a massive boon as you will generally have 100-300k more population per maxed planet than other races.

My answer is in fact, you can do both, just not in the way you maybe expected.


Always keep an eye open for expansion… and be ready to grab a good system when it is found… if you are not set up to jump, someone else will beat you to it. I’m Human with 26 planets and I hope to be 30 by the end of the weekend. (That corruption is a massive pain in the butt)