QOL - Transporter


Something that would set this apart from just the convenience of transferring resources between local planets would be if resources were shared transparently between planets. So the available resources on each planet that has a transporter would be available to all… So for example. 3 planets all with transporters have 10,000 Beron each… the spendable resources would be 30,000 each still show 10000 but you would be able to build a set of buildings that say require 15000 Beron… 10000 is taken from the local planet and 5000 shared between the remaining two planets… so they reduce by 2500 each. It would affect buildings and ships purchase commands only.

Sound like it would be a really useful feature?

I realise were getting automation of fleet movements including pickup and drop off of resoources but this is a transparent feature for investing in the transporters…

@joe do you have any state on how utilised transporters are or how may planet bother investing in them?

@joe Potentially the system could be upgradable through multiple levels, like the scanner, and it allows transportation between planets in seperate systems… using LY radius… allowing resources to be shared across multiple systems… allowing players to create hubs… but there would be a concern that a player would just move resources from one end of their empire to the other if they get attacked… But if they are expensive upgrades then that is the advantage if the player is looking for that strategy… its also an idea for a race with an intrinsic tech ability to do this with a penalty that they produce resources slower but can protect them… probably non viable but it might spark some inspiration with the devs :smiley:


Very good!

I’ve just set up two pairs of Transporters on my prime shipyard systems so the Farsu mines can feed the shipyards without the need of a ferry ship.

So glad they dropped the construction time down to nothing but seriously the unhappy and power/personnel requirements are way too aggressive for the structures current utility!

Now if they auto swapped res as DeicidE suggests they’d be close to right! Especially as with corruption the amount of players that have more than say 3 worlds occupied in the same system is going to be vanishingly rare…

I do like the concept, but there are too many other QoL improvements id rather see such as waypoints and queued commands.

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