QoL Suggestions (Empire management and Buildings)

I have been playing the Andradite galaxy recently, and I’d like to say I enjoy the faster speed over the other normal speed galaxies. Actually, at the beginning, I was at the point that I couldn’t keep up with all that was happening, and that was leading me to asking about a few QoL changes.

First, alphabetical sorting doesn’t quite work. A minor issue for sure, but still one that needs addressing. When viewing My Empire, and then sorting by Planet Name, I get this issue. Now, the Apiya planets (all 3) are in the same system. However, somehow Apikomo comes after Apiya b. Any ideas why?

Second, I’d like to ask if we can have a way to scroll through all of our colonies. I understand this has been suggested before, and there is a way to view all of my colonies through the galaxy info tool, but switching from one colony to another involves at least 2 clicks, along with remembering which colonies I have viewed already. Can we have a key (and perhaps buttons in the UI) that would allow us to go to the next and previous colonies? A simple alphabetical order would be perfect (dependent on the previous issue being fixed). Scrolling through colonies like this would also mean turning off any animations. You don’t want people getting motion sickness scrolling through their empire. :stuck_out_tongue:

Third, regarding construction, I’d like to submit some tweaks to simplify and improve the building process. In the building section, display temperature and land mass on same page for terraforming buildings. You could display “17C (>)” to indicate greater than optimal, or some other character to reduce the need to remember what my species’ optimal is, especially when 2 pops are on a planet and must be balanced (ie, “(1> 2<),” 1 denoting first pop and 2 denoting secondary pop).

Also under buildings, it would be nice to allow players to see all buildings on the same screen and also construct from the same screen. This reduces the need to remember how much energy you have when building, and if the warning about low power pops up, you can build a power building from the same screen, reducing the need to click “Back.” There are many other benefits to be found by having upgrades and buildings all on the same page.

I can’t quite go into all of the details on what would need to be tweaked, but I believe all of the power details could be squeezed in somehow, or the “Infrastructure” page can be used as the template for all buildings. Either way, we need to scroll to the right and left to see all of our buildings. Unbuilt buildings can be grayed out. Already, buildings are ordered by type, not by order they are built in, so having all buildings displayed and grayed out if they are not built or not researched would work in my mind.

This change above would make the current “Infrastructure” page somewhat redundant, but perhaps the button for “Instructure” and “Build new building” should be left on main colony page (to not confuse people, and it could be simplified further at some point). By removing the need to have two pages, would this reduce server space somewhat? I know that is always a concern with remaining affordable. My main concern with reducing the number of pages is reducing clicks back and forth between pages. Thanks for taking the time to read!

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