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Can we have a seperate tab for scanned planets… the reason I say this is that it is useful to have a different set of details…

add landmass percentage, diameter, race(s) found, time of last scan and allow adding notes to them.


On the allow notes bit…

I can navigate to the planet and select add note on the planet but cant actually add one… It would be nice to be able to add one and then recall it in the overview…


Yah! That way we could leave “Love notes” for each other so if you browsed a system I had already surveyed you would at least know our spheres were about to overlap and act accordingly?

Ive thought about that… I would hate for someone to leave a love note saying “has lots of mines but very poorly defended” if I was unable to delete the note pr some other such warm concepts. “Uses mostly energy weapons, bring shields”, “his planets are located at x,y”.

Leaving msgs in global channel is a fleeting message considering the likelyhood anyone near you would actually read it.

I see no reason not to leave personal msgs on planets I don’t own or on solar systems I do. Whats wrong with me litterally broadcasting I own this system gtfo, or a public designation that I own this system such as having the system marked as being owned without a player needing to scan it.


I would love all of these QoL stuff.

I’m not sure I’d allow public notes on systems other than your own, but private notes should be there.

For the galaxy overview, there’s a few topic floating around asking for things like that. As well as adding icons for cargo transporter, scanner, etc.

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Each player would and should have their own private notes… so that in theory there is one public note for the owner and each player has a private note… This has been requested before Planet Notes - Feedback

The devs might balk at adding private notes for the simple reason that for every planet, each player would be able to add a note… so 10000 players noting 1M planets is 10 billion records in a database… which is an extreme… but something they have probably thought about…

They could limit it to 100 private notes before you have to remove one before adding a new one… thats a compromise…

Though if they seriously want to

Yeah the more any feature adds to the DB the slower the whole shebang gets I understand. Still if its a few lines (characters!) of simple text it shouldn’t be too bad I would hope. They seemed to imply that was a thing when they introduced the Labels for Fleets and Planets in general.

The fact that the Planetary ones seem just for local use is… Puzzling. Local labels like the chap that suggested a “Private Name” for his planets should be easily cached on the players Client as a text string so no Server loading at all I woulda hoped??

It’ll be a good feature to have sure but not one I’d consider uber high priority :wink:

tbh this amount of data isn’t something that extreme. There are DBs made for that.
One example: Discord switched to Cassandra to store billions of messages from MongoDB in November, 2015

I highly doubt that anyone is going to make 1M notes :smiley:

Point taken but never underestimate the Outscape Outlaws…

Seriously I don’t know DB so is 1 Mill a hard limit or something? Coz biggest Galaxy we had to date had like 133K Stars with an average of 7 planets a system that 931K potential notes just on the planetary side…?

I guess they always have to plan for the most outrageous case just to be safe…?

There are no real limits to databases these days at least not in the realm we’re considering it. Its just something else to manage more than anything. I suspect the logs generated by the 1000 or so active players is ridiiculous and would dwarf any other system in the game…

the database systems if remember correctly are a hybrid of postgres and mongo…

The main live galaxy will be at least 1M stars… at a guess… seems like a nice number for the PR machine to use…

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Personal notes like this can easily be added to a local database, there really isnt a reason for our devs to have access to them like the other data they have to manage.


Perhaps instead of notes just adding a series of tick boxes. From a raw data perspective that’s less that one character of text. Also, something like that could be used for better sorting/filtering.

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In fact for my purposes the ability to add a coloured flag to a planet would be useful and show that flag on the overview where the notes section is. potentially show the flag on the galaxy map… but we are already cluttered there to be honest.

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