QOL - "Next Planet" button

This is probably the #1 thing I would like to see that seems like it would be really easy to implement:
When looking at a planet view, there is a “Next Planet” button. Pressing it will eventually cycle through every planet I own, in every system (perhaps ordering them by their X or Y axis location would make the most sense, or alphabetically).

This way I don’t have to keep zooming out and back in when going system by system to check my planets.


I’m a guessing you don’t know about this then:

I can’t see that what you are proposing is vastly different to this feature we already have. So if I have missed something please explain further :slight_smile:

I know about that too but I’d still rather have “next planet”:

  1. Open list
  2. Find where I was in the list
  3. Click the planet in the list to zoom to it
  4. Click the planet to select it


  1. Click “next planet”

Plus it’s a pretty standard 4X feature. Typically you update your build queues by just going “next planet” until you have cycled all the way through.


I’m with Slamz on this one.

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Plus that only views the planet, it does not select it. So it takes two clicks to get where you want to go


Meh. I just sort by number of buildings in q and then make sure they all have more than 12. I’d prefer a duration of q but I’ll work with what I can get.

This would help me a lot. There are times I just want to build on my planets, but I have to click so much to cycle through them all. A “Next Planet” button (and a “Previous Planet” button too) would reduce clicking immensely!

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