QoL, Mechanical/Feature Changes, and Starting Changes to the game


So, this post is a suggestion of ideas to help the game ASAP. This post is a combination of things I have seen people talk about in my guild/alliance, here on the forums, and of my own ideas.

This post will be split up into three categores: Quality of Life, Mechanic/Feature Changes, and Starting Changes


  1. When you upgrade buildings they shouldn’t go offline or completely offline. A lot of people want them to continue working, however my suggestion is that they stay 75% active during upgrading. It makes sense logically, in the real world facilities aren’t always taken completely offline for an upgrade.

  2. NAPs are very good, they added a lot of coordination to the game, as well as removed a lot of issues with auto attacking, however there is one area they still haven’t really helped, scanners. You can’t see NAPed people incoming, unless they are in the inner sensor range, however you can still see UFOs flying around.

As soon as you NAP someone, you should always be able to see their ships. This is how transponders work, you give off a specific signal, and things can “see” you, even if you aren’t in visual or close range. This is how we “see” our own ships. So anyone we are NAPed with, we should see their name and green color instead of a UFO if we are in range of scanner or senors.

  1. We need the absolute minimum of automation. This means at the very least way points for fleets and auto hauling. Simple as pressing a button to make those little end point or pivot points so our ships move exactly where we want them. The hauling could be as simple as a menu on the system that says haul all of THIS resource to THIS planet, and any ships inside of that system beings the process.

  2. We need to be able to edit blueprints with the same name, and further more when they are researched they only research base on what was added. Also, we need to be able to get to our blue prints through the design window.

  3. Adding an icon to the mouse that indicates there is a hover menu or hover info would be nice. A lot of people don’t realize that there is a lot more information in the UI just by hovering.

  4. The GLAXAYVIEW needs more information such as Landmass, Planet Size, Unemployment, Labor Shortage, and the ability to adjust taxes from the window.

  5. We need the ability to queue ship designs so that we can make multiple ship designs as once (like after getting a new weapon or engine), instead of the current “slog.” Making one at a time and waiting is painful.

  6. The destination cursor when moving fleets needs more info such as light years traveled, total gas consumption, percentage of gas consumed, point of no return (it shows you where you would get stuck and couldn’t return to the destination you left with the gas you have left).

  7. Invasions should give a summary of what happened, like how many troops both sides ended up having, the comparable strengths, how many died on each side, who won.

  8. In System speeds should be increased by 2k kmph. I believe this is fast enough to increase quality of life, bit not cause sync issues.

  9. Warp speeds need to be changed, suggestion to the following:

Warp 1 = 1ly/hr, Warp 2 = 2 ly/hr, Warp 3 = 3 ly/hour, Warp 4 = 5 ly/hr, Warp 5 = 7 ly/hr, Warp 7 = 9 ly/hr, Warp 9 = 11ly/hr

This makes the starting game a bit faster, and the end game a bit slower (warp 7 and 9 are extremely fast at 11 and 15 ly/hour, coupled with their efficiency it can be a bit OP and you can travel hundreds of lys in just 1 day).


  1. Minor Factions are still all over the place in terms of balance. I suggest that all of their abilities be setup like the harpy scanners.

a) Squids no longer give a 4 RP off the bat, they instead have the Squid Lab, These labs cost the same as T2 Labs (the upgrade not the entire cost), and allow you to gain 2 RP for the investment. You can then upgrade the labs for a much higher price for a total of 4 RP. These labs cost the initial 25k population as well, and use up 100 power.

b) Giants no longer boost buildings and shipyards, instead they gain a building you have to upgrade. This Giant Productivity Building gives you a 20% bonus on buildings and a 7% bonus to shipyards. It can be upgraded to T3 giving a total of 60% bonus on buildings and 21% bonus on shipyards. (I find the 60% bonus to shipyards being so OP that it messes with balance in game with those that purposely have long build times)

c) Skregons no long give their inherent deepmining bonus, instead when you build a mine on their planet they help and enhance that building. All T1 Mines are instead considered to be T2 mines, all T2 mines are considered to be deep mines, and by placing a deep mine you instead get 50% resources instead of 36%. Compared to literally every other race, their current bonus is lack luster at best, especially since their worlds seem extremely crappy. This would increase their worth tenfold, but not be OP, since most Skregon worlds just aren’t that good.

d) Harpies still need a bit more oomph. I suggest making T1 Scanners for them to see 35/15, T2 Scanners to see 40/20, and T3 Scanners to see 45/25.

e) Evos are quite powerful, but balanced, I probably wouldn’t change them at this time (they are adverse to taxes and defense, so I think this works with their innate abilities).

  1. We need a FRIEND treaty so that friends can refuel, rearm, and repair. You can only place a friend treaty to those that you have a NAP with. Once they accept, you can then use their “facilities.” This gives you access to repair at their shipyards, and gain access to their limbalt and fuel, only for rearming and refueling (a cargo container couldn’t take limablt).

  2. When you upgrade ships or down grade them the time it takes should be based on the modules that are being changed. Also, as it stands you can split up your fleets and separately upgrade them, this should be possible with a single fleet (all times shouldn’t stack, only the longest individual time should matter).

Finally, you should get a partial refund when you upgrade/downgrade ships. Right now you get now refund at all, you just lose those resources. You are in fact removing modules not destroying them, so you should get a full refund, or a partial one.

  1. Scout Engines (4/9) should only be for SCOUTS, not for Corvettes. Corvettes already represent a huge part of the game and a core part of warfare, Scout Engines imbalance the game on this level. Futhermore, Sabers are imbalanced and Scout Engines just make this even worse. Scout Engines should only be for Scouts, period.

  2. Fleets need to auto correct when trying to attack and intercept other fleets. Currently they have issues when others change direction.

  3. Pirates should drop credits. This could help the early game, as well as the mid game with random infusions of credits. This also makes Pirates more and more viable as targets instead of like flies that annoy you.

  4. Military should not take up population slots. Currently if you don’t have extra population on your planet and you remove Military, they disappear. I think that Military should be held as a separate population, that don’t get taxed or use up worker slots. They shouldn’t slow down growth either, just work as they currently do without taking up jobs and pop space. I am not saying that a Military base should not take up 2k pop with the building, I am saying that the military number shouldn’t take up pop after generated.


  1. Basic Standard Income for each race. Each race needs a base income separate from the taxes they get. You can call these a Homeworld bonus or a Capital bonus, whatever, but a basic income that isn’t impacted by taxes.

a) Syntis should get 500 c/hour
b) PR should get 400 c/hour
c) Ripchee should get 300 c/hour
d) Humans should get 200 c/hour

This will help off set taxation at the very beginning, and the extra 100% happiness bonuses.

  1. We need to start with more ships!

a) Three colonizers seems good, however they need to have the BEST colonizer module on them, perhaps even some kind of special colonizer. I suggest that our starting colonizers each have 20,000 population, and set down 1 power planet, 1 climate changer, 2 farms, and 2 entertainment centers.

b) Three scouts are perfect, however I would suggest giving them basic energy weapons, and 4 fuel modules, so that we can explore far and fast right away.

c) Three mining ships, something along the lines of 1 fuel module, 1 mine module, and the rest cargo space. This allows us very early to mine and take resources off of planets.

These changes really will help the starting game A LOT more, giving people more actions, and to become more invested early.

  1. Finally, everyone should start off with a T3 (non-dismantled) Planetary Scanner. 5 LY vs 15 LY radius is HUGE when getting started. This gives you a much better warning system, and allows you interact with people faster.


These are a lot of smaller changes that help with the starting game, help with player retention, help with the quality of life of the game, and with game balance. All of these changes can really have a major impact on the game. Some SUPER easy to implement, while others will need a lot more technical time, however nothing on this list is too complex to be implemented fairly fast.

What are your thoughts?

Editing in MORE QoL -

  1. Planetary Ownership is in red lettering that is hard to see, this needs to be changed.

  2. Have the option to cancel the exact amount of buildings/fleets from a stack.

  3. Some way to transfer credits to other players (doesn’t have to be OP, maybe even some kind of limit, but we need something basic).

  4. Better starting secondary planets (people have started with some really bad ones)

  5. Option to turn on your transponders letting anyone that can see your ship know its you, regardless if you are in sensor range (this is for scanners).

  6. A menu where you can scroll through your colonies, instead of having to actually go to them.

  7. A more customizable colony automation system

  8. An ability to upgrade a building from another race into your own (cheap, but takes a good chunk of time).

  9. When in Galaxy and clicking on a planet a better UI that stays in place longer so that you can accurately see all ships and planets in a system, and properly click the one you want.


I agree with everything mentioned, and would also say that buildings in upgrade queue shouldn’t be shut down and new buildings in queue shouldn’t affect your happiness or population.


I would say things are just a tad too clustered this time around. Being close encourages good conflicts but there are a group of us so hemmed in we have to fight, yeah there are others who have uncontested growth


I agree with everything, except maybe the military bases. Will they still require the pop ‘workers’, else this is exploitable by base spamming. So it still takes 2k pop but that slowly duplicates to the military pool? When you remove troops its removes from military pool with the 2k workers unaffected but still commited?

I would say that the pop used to run the military stay.

@werwortmann I clarified up above.

Some good and salient points there @Cheatle. I also agree with @emphan34 that some people are hemmed in (I am with little chance for expansion) yet others do seem to be able to spread out without bumping in to many people.

I think that maybe the starting algorithm possibly needs a bit of work - perhaps get a few somewhat ‘nicer’ planeets close by. I know that the devs have increased the planets in starting systems BUT one in my starting system had Be ONLY - nothing else. The only use is for pop growth yet I see other systems where people have started and they had 3 good planets worthy of taking. The randomness is a bit too random!


Definitely agree with you here. My ‘guaranteed’ second ‘good’ planet has 10% Beron and nothing else. The other 6 required terraforming to even try to colonize them right from the start. Made for a very ugly start.


These suggestions are very good, will increase early gameplay-fun, and will give you a boost early in the game. I recognize several of my ideas and thoughts in many of the details, and I will strongly recomend the Dev’s to take them in to consideration.
And regarding corruption and planet cap, the pain for corruption is heavy when you reach 25+ planets. I do miss a chance to compensate this. My thoughts is if I have an army that has been upgraded to the top Tier and the troops is over 10k on the planet, the corruption decreases for that planet. I don’t know how complicated this is to code, but this would be a mechanism to to keeping the game going for a longer period of time. The Endgame for the server is pushed further in to the future.


I love it, all of it. Great work!

I would like to have the additional option to broadcast my fleet IDs so everyone could know that the ships entering their scanner range are owned by me.

I don’t think Synts would have much use for entertainment centres.

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Syntis get a form of ECs that give them half the bonus as other ECs due to using them for secondary populations. During the early game, we are all looking for secondary pops, so these would be especially useful for Syntis.

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Not sure I get what you mean with the military bases, but otherwise I must agree with most of this post.
Well, apart from the pirates dropping credits, don’t like that one.

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But they will be absolutely useless if used in the home system.

Is that not fine? If they get the starting credit bonus, then it should not be a problem.

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shut down of buildings during upgrade is a pain, a few times i have not upgraded science labs for the simple reason that it will delay a tech, to the point where i would be off line when i get it.
I get the point on colonizers, starter colony ships are a case of colonize world and forget until tomorrow, because then they will have small amount of population to actually build something. of course latter in the game i just sent a scout with the colony ship with population modules or have a colony ship with a pop module. so very valid point

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A great and well thought out piece. I agree with all of this. However I would add that I think you should be able to supply fuel and Limbalt ordinance to all Alliance members at T2 or greater shipyards and repair Alliance ships at T3 or greater shipyards. If they are a different race then a +50% time constraint, due to unfamiliarity with their different systems.


I really think the ship build cue needs some attention also. When you have multiples of the same ship it still discontinues the current ship instead of one of the ships not even started… This does not even make sense… Why would you scrap a almost finished ship…

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@Cheatle is able to articulate the pain points and solutions extremely well. I kinda like having warp 9 on corvettes, but trust @Cheatle s gaming wisdom that the change is necessary for long term success.


Yes, but later on if you decide to have a double population this will help.

For military bases when you pull your military off of your planet say…

pull 6k military, it takes from both the population you have plus from the military number…I am suggesting that when you pull them off a planet that it doesn’t remove population, just removes numbers from the military base total.

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