QOL: Data: FTL Range, Ammo and fleet stats

Hi guys,

Could we get a new textbox for our fleets and our ship Stats Box regarding max fleet FTL range? I currently have to manually calculate range off of fuel burn per lightyear, vs fuel tanks. it should be included as a data label. I would also appreciate it if we had something similar for an assembled fleets max FTL range on the fleet infobox.

It would also be helpful to give us a little tool tip where we can click one part of the map, then click another and get a light year distance between two points. (even something passive based on where your mouse cursor clicked last in a little box in the corner of the screen)

Additionally, it would be nice to know how long a ships ammunition reserves would last compared to its weaponry. “total amunition burned per second” vs “max fire time” or something of the sort.

thank you for your time and consideration

  • Cyrus

I use a spreadsheet to track the location of all systems, and then calculate the distance between any two. Then I can input the engine consumption to get fuel needs per ship.

It would be awesome to have something like this in-game instead of having to manage my own spreadsheets.


You have far tooooo much time on your hands…

As per the QOL: Overview thread, an export facility could be useful… ie export all planet info to csv…

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Yes, I have about an hour to wait for ships to leave and arrive at different locations and in that hour I can do all kinds of things inside a single spreadsheet. It has become quite the behemoth.

@Cyrus_Black to see if a ship already produced has the fuel to get there you can engage fueled warp and the line will not stretch further than it can travel. I would appreciate it if the devs had the ship travel at fueled warp until that point and then continue at max free warp.

What’s a csv? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Basically a spreadsheet file.