PvE zones accessible through jumpgates

I have seen a lot of posts about lack of content and that this game needs more PvP content and although more casual PvP content is needed, I feel this game needs PvE content more as a filler between PvP conflict.

The reason is that I believe PvP, in MMOs, should be a long drawn out affair with a lot at stake but because of that you cant really engage into those PvP campaigns casually so what you need then is some PvE content to fill the gaps.


Jumpgate building of different tiers. Each tier will create a stable, bidirectional wormhole to a PvE zone. It will create an endpoint either randomly, to prevent camping the exit, and later by controlling certain points, such as for example starbases (more on that below).

The PvE zone will contain various PvE content such as mineable asteroids, which will respawn once depleted, but more importantly, PvE mobs which have different levels depending on how deep you go into the zone and what tier your jumpgate is and they will give loot in the form of credits and resources. Later this could be improved if unique resources/loot is introduced.

The zone will also contain capturable, but not destroyable, starbases. These starbases will act as refueling/repairing stations but will also create a stable endpoint for your jumpgates and that of your alliances. You can also dump resources here for everyone in your alliance to use but beware, if a rival alliance capture the starbase they will then they will also get the loot.

This way you can at short notice just use the jumpgate to get into these PvE zones for some quick PvE action but also PvP as other alliances will also be there and fight for the control of starbases and PvE spawns. Effectively creating a PvPvE area.


That all sounds like content that should already exist throughout our map. I wish it did.

Gates of various sorts have been discussed but I like that you have my concern in sight. Gates shouldn’t become a way of invulnerability. Your opponent should be able to catch you, though I agree there should be some work-arounds available to prevent mass gate camping. Let the fastest path include risk of campers while tweaking the coordinates can result in longer journey with far less risk of sudden entanglements.

Perhaps include with jump coordinates that a pursuer can watch and follow your work-around. Then factor skill/tech levels in this process to determine if the fleeing party succeeds in escaping, catches a better head start or finds the pursuer lands even closer than they had been before the jump.

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A way to make this easier on dev resources and 3D models is to reuse the models for the faction races with a different color scheme and call them something like “Malfunctioning Syntis” or “Rogue Mankind”.

A bonus is that these color schemes could also be purchasable in a future cash shop.

Also, by using a self-learning AI, it could analyze all fleet battles and use the most effective kind. Including the battles against the AI. That way it wouldn’t be static but constantly adapt.