Public messages should be visible in scanner range, not just sensor range


I’m not sure if this is how this works now or not, but I’m thinking that public messages on fleets should be visible when the fleet is in scanner range, not just sensor range. That way if I am using a fleet as a border warning other players can see the message sooner.

That would at least serve as a stop gap until we get some better system for border identification (where desired).


I dont tend to agree, we need strict fog of war, and defeats the purpose of sensor range…


I’d suggest it as researchable tech and then toggleable. The essential difference being whether you intend a warning label or if you’re actively broadcasting a message as far as you can. If it’s just a disclaimer of why not to mess with that fleet you might be more pleased that the potential foe had to get closer to read your label.


How strict? One thing that has been discussed in past posts is being able to see alliance territory. I look at a public notice as something akin to a open broadcast and that’s something that should be seen at longer ranges.


It depends I would eventually see the big mega alliance seeing a whole bunch of space. Im not opposed to that being allowed. It depends on how alliances and guilds are structured with plauer limits and souch but thats a whole nother topic in it of its self. But on the topic here. I personally think haveing public notes outside of scanner range makes the fog of war near pointless.


Not suggesting they be view-able outside of scanner ranges. Like the op I see no issue with them being seen at a ships max view-able scanner range.


As ships are UFO`s we can still see notes then. Is where i disagree with you. Im for only to see notes. Only in sensor range. Which is when see who it is. Notrd in general are still just “there” with "public notes. And souch. Like it shpukd be the fleer is broadcasting this “NOTE” or message on all channels.
I feel like Notes are iffy in Outscape currently. I believe the devs will work on them on the future.



The suggestion here is that a public note is visible when it is within scanner (not sensor) range. That’s the larger of the two spheres, meaning that the note is visible sooner.

I know the plan is to eventually have alliances, and in-game messaging. What I propose is a stop gap. In A2 we could use all the fleets we wanted, so sending 1000 scouts out to act as fence posts was fine. With the new fleet caps that method no longer works. The idea here is to give players a way to indicate borders if they so choose.

This would have no impact on fog-of-war. You can already see a fleet is listed as a UFO when in sensor range. I’m not suggesting that the fleet details be made visible, just the public message. If a player chooses to but their name, fleet info, or other details in it that’s up to them.

This would be giving a ship the ability to broadcast a message out to anything in scanner range, and the only people that would use it are ones that want a message heard. If don’t want to broadcast, then don’t. If there’s no public message then fleets work as they do now.


I disagree. This would immediately tell you if it’s a pirate or a player, and defeats that aspect of the game.


That would only be the case if you chose to announce yourself. If you don’t want your ship to be identified then don’t put a public message on it.

This is simply a method to allow players to create border markers (something that’s been asked about a lot) without needing to build in a new function. It’s an option for those that want some sort of marker until we get something better. Be that alliance borders, seeing scan range of others, some method of drawing on the map, buoys, etc.


Deployable note/marker/navigation buoy’s that only function within a players planets scanner range could be an option as well. They would have no scanner/vision capability and would cease to function if out of the players scanner range. Something like this could be part of a way-point system for travel corridors as well.


You make me consider again that pirates should be capable of donning false flags. Give them public notes too, “I am <player_nearby> scouting.” And see this message until the fleet’s within sensor range and turns into clearly a pirate!


You devious sonnova… I LIKE it!

@Colonel_Sheppard I thought of something like that a while back here.

However after listening to the Devs I think the idea wouldn’t fly as they are trying to keep “Object” count down at all times. So maybe a colour wash extending from a players planet that we could toggle visible or not would work. What do you think? We already have a similar arc projected by our scanner systems surely a zone emanated from colonised stars would be feasible as a single “Object” on the screen?


Yes, server capabilities are going to be the life and death of this game. At this stage it just seems like the game’s going to be too limited because of it. They need to figure out how to get a massive boost to object count capabilities.