Problem with Automation


I do not know what got into the governer, but damn if it is not overbuilding things and not upgrading it.

Case Study 1:
The governer builds over 40 happiness buildings. like, for real, 40 happiness buildings. I upgraded some, and he continues to build more. I do not know what his job is, but it definitely isn’t building according to the mining rate I have set. you just need 31 buildings to tax ripchee at 100%, what else does the governer plan to do with those “entertainment buildings”?. My tax dollars ain’t supposed to go to the enjoyment of the governer.

Case Study 2:
Is the governer a glutton? Because I am 100% sure he is. He built 60 farms, to support 500k population??? I upgraded some of it as well, and he continues to build it. wow.

I rest my case. The conclusion? The governer is shitty and needs to be fired. Please replace with a better logic system such as priorities.

Desired amount of Mines (split into individual mines)
Desired amount of Happiness (input number)
Desired amount of Power (input number)
Desired amount of whatever buildings I want (input number)
Priority, whether to achieve it through building and upgrading, or building alone.



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Hello My name is Zathabar and I’m a Govenaholic…
[Hi Zathabar]

I’ve been trying to go auto governor clean for a few days now and well its been tough, I kinda miss seeing half my treasury disappear at random and well it was so cute when it would upgrade ALL the farms on a planet causing a famine when doing one at a time would have caused no issues

But I’m taking it day by day and adjusting.

I agree with Noob, its a good idea and could be a great mechanic but needs work still


I had the governors go off the rails early on, and just turned them all off. Couldn’t afford all the crazy stuff they wanted to build, and now that I can, I don’t want all of the crazy stuff they want to build.

We need more customization, either from the start or via research.


Took this homeworld from a player that has been inactive over a month and never replied to any messages over that time. Auto build still over building farms. Planet is 17km and has room for 801,000 syntis and farms for 2.1 million. @joe Auto build also stays on after a successful invasion and I feel that should reset to off when taken over.


Thanks for the reports here, I’ll get one of the devs to take a look.

I think so too, I’ll suggest it.


Sorry to bring up an old thread but this was just TOO FUNNY not to share:

So while I romp around in Skirmish I set ALL my planets in Pre Beta to AUto goven coz I was so close to the 100K needed for Veteran Unlock I figures why not let it all coast right?

Wheeeeelll Might have found another slight problem in the Autogovenor.

Prior to makign this change I forget what my income per hour was I guess it was around 50K credits and hour. And Now:

Look I got nothing Against Tax reform but even so…

Might I suggest that the Auto Govenor be UNABLE to lower the Tax below 10% regardless of circumstances otherwise somebody will come back from Holiday and discover they aint got no money coming in!

EDIT: Just for funzies set EVERY Planet (38) to 100% Tax on all races. But before I could get to the end it had already reduced it to 8% on the first world I did it on. More interestingly worlds that are 100% happy at 100% Tax are having their Tax reduced. And while that makes good social justice its just not logical from within the games framework? Maybe I hypnotised my citizens into giving all their money to the state why should I not tax them if they are happy?


I’l bring both of these points up with the devs and see what they say. The 1st makes sense to me and the 2nd does sound like a bug.