Priority Bugs?

Hi everyone,

To help us prioritize which bugs to work on:

What bugs do you think we should fix as a priority?

  • Don’t avoid putting something because someone else did - the more times we see something the more important we’ll know it is!
  • Feel free to post a list
  • Please keep each point as brief as you can (you can link to another thread if you want to expand on something)
  • They don’t have to be severe stopping you from playing, they could just be little annoying things

Thanks :slight_smile:

  • All Bugs related to combat / warfare that usually happen during big engagements or when a player has massive amounts of fleets

-Combat lag bugs (especially ones related to using lighting guns)

-auto planet to planet transfer, I still see a lot of people struggling to get it to work, or for some reason it stops auto transferring Res for players

-minefields (I am yet to test this past the latest update to mines) however there is a bug where sometimes a minefield stays at 0% for several hours and deals dmg despite having a sweeper activated in that field the entire time

  • Client errors and server stability is still an issue.

  • Notifications, we get few regarding anything anymore, especially important ones. They pop up but do not go onto the log, so if you don’t see them at pop up, you never see them.


Client stability and lag bugs.

The UI errors are just very taxing. When you combine that with the lag from having many systems scanned/scouted (it takes me a full minute to make it through “Loading Planetary History”), it can be immensely frustrating, especially on AtD where seconds count in combat.

Auto planet res transfer randomly stops working (no idea why as it only effects a % of fleets not all of them)

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I dont really have any issue with one bug over another, but I wouldnt be offended if all the work done over the next 40 days were bug/lag fixes.

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  1. Minefields
  2. Mine sweepers (NAP/Ally/Enemy interactions)
  3. Mine sweeper notifications (Sweeping progress has never been right, or even close.)
  4. Mine field expiration notifications (They’re noisy and useless, as they contain no location information)

And what Puma said about notifications in general. All I really get is minefield expiration notices (which are useless, see above) in the actual logs.

I agree :slight_smile:

  • Minefields

Top priority: too hard to move fleets in a system.
If I want to move more than one fleet around a planet I have to back out then zoom back in to the planet system. Otherwise the cursor is stuck on the same fleet. That’s really tedious.

Second: fleets hide behind planet name and when you try to move them you go to the planet instead.

Third: I think when there is maintenance or other down time, that prolongs the time it takes to research a new tech.

Hold space bar and the name plates go away.

This is a frustrating situation. The game either freezes during maintenance, or make sure the other guy’s minefield is down and send a scout followed by an invasion fleet to a planet that will arrive during maintenance. The other guy will either not be able to defend at all or accidently smash your attempt. Large battles can be initiated during the down time or sweepers sent in when the other guy can’t respond yeilding quite the upper hand. Pick your poison.

I honestly can remember if the whole game freezes or just certain things.

Right-click to clear your selection.

  1. starsystems are not revealed by scanners and sensors when in range of a scout while player is offline

  2. auto ressource-transfers sometimes stop working

  3. many notifications aren’t logged

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