Primary human population vanished

Hello there,

I have a bit of a …thing. The primary human population from a player planet i conquered seems to have dissapeared after the latest patch. Not that it would be a bad thing, since i’m a synti, but it looks like a bug.

Here is a short history of the planet, possibly useful for bug repro:

  • conquer human homeworld
  • give planet to PR (to build entertainment centers to keep the buggers from getting depressed)
  • PR gives planet back to me (synti)

After the latest patch, the primary human population on the planet vanished without a trace:

The PR buildings are still there:

Here is a screenshot i have of the planet before i gave it to the PR, i don’t have a newer screenshot, but the human infestation is obvious:

Is this a bug, or just me missing something?


If you had a gifted a PR player the system while your syntis were there, then it was gifted back later, the civ with the highest population should have survived. We’d need to know the population numbers for the PR and mankind at the time it was gifted back in order to compare. Only 2 civs can exist on a planet.

Have done this myself gifting a planet to another player and the correct civ was removed. I took a PR planet and built it up with EC’s for the Syntis player. I intentionally made sure my Ripchee population was less than the PR when I gifted it to the Syntis player. He correctly got the PR population when it was gifted over.


The human pop was roughly 100k when i gifted it, and the PR only brought a simple colonizer, so not a lot of pop. When he gave it back to me, the humans were still the primary pop.

The point is, there is now zero biological population on it, be it human or pr.

I didn’t notice that on your post. That is odd, I had no issues with the process with a transfer to a Syntis player, but it was before the last couple of patches, possibly a bug was introduced. So if it happened after the patches, it could be a bug introduced with the patch @joe

A planet can only have two civs on it. When giving it to the pr player it kicked off the mankind.

But when it was gifted back to him (Syntis) the higher of the population (either Mankind or PR) whichever was higher should have remained.

If the mankind was kicked off, there should have still been PR on the planet. Neither of us know the sequence of the civs on the planet from start to finish, but if it was held by both Mankind and PR while the PR was holding it, the larger population should have still remained.

The primary population (human) was still there when the PR gave the planet back to me. That was before the patch. No issues there.

Yesterday i wanted to check if the humans happiness is still on the + to make sure they don’t get any funny ideas and rebel, and surprise…no more humans :slight_smile:

That only Syntis are left would be expected. Because when it was PR and Syntis, the small PR population would have been dying looking at the environment.

But what doesn’t sound right is that Mankind would have returned automatically at any point after the 2 populations were Syntis and PR. For the Syntis player, is there anything in the planet log? I’ll try a couple of tests to reproduce this also.


The planet was never PR+Synti. It was like this:

  1. Human only (before being conquered by synti)
  2. Human[primary] + Synti[secondary] (after being conquered by synti)
  3. Human[primary] + PR[secondary] (after being donated by Synti to PR)
  4. Human[primary] + Synti[secondary] (after being donated back by PR to synti)
  5. no primary + Synti[secondary] (as it is today because the humans have vanished without a trace)

hope this helps