Pre-Beta galaxy will be expanded tomorrow (players will be able to join again)

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you all on this!

We will be expanding the Pre-Beta galaxy tomorrow and expect to double its current capacity - which means new players will be able to resume joining the galaxy again at that time.

The devs just have a couple of kinks to iron out first and will resume work on this first thing in the morning. The functionality to expand a galaxy hadn’t been tested in a live scenario before - which is why we wanted to be certain it would work before announcing anything and it’s taken until just now to reach that point.

It’s likely the Pre-Beta galaxy will be open again to new players in the afternoon. When everything’s ready we’ll take the servers offline, expand the galaxy, and release the 0.965 patch at the same time as bringing the expanded galaxy back online.

Sorry again for the inconvenience to those of you that have been waiting to join.

As soon as we can confirm more details tomorrow we’ll post another update.

Thanks everyone


Could test it on A3 first and let that run longer. haha

Please put a rolling notice in in game chat to this effect @Joe as we cant be sure ALL the folks that ask “why cant I get in!” will get answered :slight_smile:

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We’re expecting to start the galaxy expansion in about 2 hours (along with the new patch release).

There has been one complication though. In the Pre-Beta galaxy - like in Skirmish - we added the ability to see the positions of stars outside of your scanner range. Trying to get that working alongside expanding the galaxy is proving tricky and we’re not sure how much longer it would take to get it working. So we’re going to disable that functionality for this galaxy for now to be able to move forwards with the galaxy expansion.

I’ll post again when we’re ready to begin :slight_smile:

We don’t have that ability yet - it would have been useful to have right now. We do plan to add a notification system that players would see when logging into the game client e.g. announcements without having to manually check the forum.


Ok thanks for letting us know.

Don’t sweat it about the notice, your faithful Alpha’s will do our best to pass the word about: as despite any indicators to the contrary.


(Might not always agree, might get pissed occasionally but have no doubt there’s no A1, A2 or A3 survivor still playing that don’t wanna see this baby FLY!)

But make sure a Top of chat banner/link message goes in as an Admin tool when Social features are finally released OK?

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The visible stars outside of scanner has been the best improvement this year :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:
Going to miss it


Though I’m not logged in yet, I’m sure I’d love to see ALL the stars out there but I think it likely provides too much info and leaves less to the imagination.

@Zathabar absolutely!

I thought you were being ironic till I logged back in just now. I actually agree, I kinda miss 'em but I know its temporary due to the re sizing effect…

I miss the background swirly pic of a spiral Galaxy or am I the only one no longer seeing that???

EDIT: Once Game Crash & Reboot later the Galaxy map pic is back. Whut?

Unless your last statement was meant to retract this, if I zoom out far enough I see the full galaxy and where I am within it

Yeah sorry. The Game didn’t show it at first then after about an hours play the whole game locked up forcing a restart and when it did the background Pic was their again. Sorry if this was not clear

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I see we are 54% full as of this post. Just-in-case-! @joe is there a back up plan if the demand again fills the Galaxy’s new capacity…?

I imagine some folks who were locked out have not (yet) come back so just wondering can you pull that trick twice if you absolutely have to?