Pre-Beta galaxy expansion + Patch 0.965 release [Complete]

Hi everyone,

The game servers will go offline in a few minutes while the devs expand the Pre-Beta galaxy and release the 0.965 patch.

It should take about 30 minutes. We’ll update this thread when it’s finished or if there’s any other news.

Once the Pre-Beta galaxy is up and running again there will be space again for new players to join. So if you tried to join before but were unable to do so because the galaxy was full you should be able to join this time :slight_smile:


Update: this has now been completed - players should be able to join the Pre-Beta galaxy again.


Full patch notes

Patch 0.965

Bugs squashed

  • Typing in the chat window moved the camera, when the keys pressed were camera shortcut keys e.g. A, D (move left and right), W, S (forward and backward), Q, E (rotate anti-clockwise and clockwise), R, F (up and down), Z, X (zoom in and out)
  • Zooming to a fleet sometimes caused the game client to crash
  • Destroying a ship based on a deleted blueprint sometimes caused the game client to crash
  • Stationary ships sometimes had engine effects that falsely indicated movement
  • Descriptions for Syntis specific technologies weren’t clear (they’ve been edited)

Update: this has now been completed.

Visibility of stars outside scanner range disabled

There was one complication while working on the galaxy expansion that meant we had to disable the visibility of stars outside of scanner range unfortunately. We’re not sure yet if we’re going to be able to re-enable them for the Pre-Beta galaxy but will let you know one way or the other as soon as we can.

* The above was just added to the blog post so I’ve pasted it here for anyone that may have missed it

Hi @joe the keyboard issues are still not all the way resolved… random actions happen while typing in the PM chat window. The main chat seems ok.