Pre-Beta Galaxy currently full and new patch on the way

Hi everyone,

The Pre-Beta galaxy reached its player capacity limit last night. Apologies to those of you that tried to join but were unable to do so! We’ll update you on what’s going on with this in a couple of hours.

There’s also a new patch that may be released later today (it needs more testing before it can be released). It’ll fix two of the most annoying issues affecting players: 1) typing in the chat window affects the game beneath it, 2) the game crashes sometimes when zooming to a fleet.

More details on the way. Thanks for your patience.

Update: please see this thread for an update on this.


Would now like to start a whip round for Joe & the gang as this aint what they needed… and as much as I belly ache I have done enough customer liaison work for even my blacken soul to have sympathy!

Thanks for letting us know your on the case!!

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A couple of hours is 2, it’s been 9, any word?


Yeah please, guys I know its hard but there are folks posting in chat:
“OMG been waiting for this invite for XXX and the server is full!?”

You can’t let them down like this. Give us a heads up so we can at least share something!

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