Population growth suggestion

I know I am brand new here but one thing that i was thinking of that could improve game play is more population equals more population growth. Obviously the other factors would still be included. But take for example what is going on with my planets at the moment. I have planet A with 158,468 people, 90% happiness with 731 population growth. Planet B has 11,561 people, 92% happiness with 758 population growth. It would only make sense that the other 146,907 people on planet A would also contribute to the population growth. Not exactly sure how much it should be a factor but it most definitely should be.

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This is well observed and adds more realism certainly.

The obvious difficulty will be the snowball effect that will occur with population growth. The more you have the more you get…

How should balance be maintained in this situation then I wonder? I’d like to see some nod to this idea incorporated but for the life of me can’t see what it might be?

Production of troops should be taken from the population imo. Destroying a military base does not disband the troops stationed there albeit, most will probably die. Same with ships.

This concept would open up a number of strategies that we cannot presently use.

One way to help control the massive growth could be crowding. If there isn’t a lot of space to grow then the population growth could be reduced. But if you have a huge amount of space to grow then the growth rate could remain unaffected by crowding.
Also going with the ship idea, a crew doesn’t magically appear from nowhere. Ships would require a substantial amount of people to run them. Since the population growth from planets doesnt seem to be huge at this point it could bring in another factor to be considerate about. We wouldnt only have to worry about having enough population to run our structures but enough population to transfer to our ships.

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That will be true until they begin running into resource exhaustion limits (barring scientific advances that remove those resource limts), you end up with a plot that looks like this: