Population Bug on similar landmass planets


The image should tell you everything:

  1. Planet A has 640k population on a 12k sized planet at 99% landmass
  2. Planet B has 82k population on a 19k sized plaet at 99% landmass
  3. Both planet temperatures are in the green zone for my race (Syntis)
    This must be a #bugs
    @mel could you look into this, as Syntis prefer larger planets with more landmass for their population size.


There is no bug. Those number are showing the max pop the planet can support with the infraestructure you have built.
I bet you have already developed Planet A and you have just colonized Planet B. If so, that is the amount the planet can support without the “farms” (controller for Syntis, right?).
Look at the detailed screen and you will see the different max populations.



Ah yeah - they should add some more info when they have the change [Current pop] / [Current Max Pop] is what is shows now, but they should make it [Current Pop] / [Current Max Pop] / [Definate Max Pop] whereby the Definate Max Pop includes max possible farms before reaching max pop
Edit: I think I used the level 3 colonization module, that could explain why its a 82k starting max pop?



If you press the race icon you’d see all that