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Update: thanks for all of your submissions! The poll is now open. Please read through the Snithereal backstory submissions below and vote for your favourite. We’ll close the poll after the voting rate has dropped off. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone,

The Snithereal are going to be added to the game very soon. A general description of them (the quoted text at the top of their wiki page) and their characteristics have been created already to be used in the game.

But we don’t have a deeper backstory for them for the wiki - like there is for the other civs (available under the ‘Emergence’ section on each wiki page: Mankind, Ripchee, Syntis, People’s Realm).

# Submit your Snithereal backstory by December 1st

We thought we’d open it up to the community to help, and give those of you with a creative streak the opportunity to express it. To submit your Snithereal backstory:

  • Submissions must be posted to this thread before December 1st
  • It should fit/not contradict the current description (see here)
  • 300-500 words

See the other civ’s wiki pages for examples: Mankind, Ripchee, Syntis, People’s Realm.

We’ll then put the submitted backstories to a community vote (if we don’t get any submissions, we’ll put something together ourselves).

Thanks :slight_smile:


You are SO Funny Joe!!!


The Snitherei were an insular advanced civilization organized upon religious lines until climate change forced their civilization outward into the stars. The cause of the climate change has been long lost to time, but the sudden descent of their original Homeworld into an unexpected Ice Age caused a sudden, massive and near total collapse of their ecological system.

Carnivorous to a fault, the destruction of traditional Snitherei food sources caused starvation to run rampant and it was during this Time of Famine that the Snithereals learned to eat anything to stave off their hunger, regardless of origin. For a while, it looked like the Snithereal civilization was doomed to implode into an apocalyptic extinction event of self cannibalization that even their religious trappings could not prevent until the close to last second invention of the warp drive and the coincidental appearance of the wormholes gave them a slim light of hope.

In a mass abandonment of their old homeworld, many splinter colonies of Snitherei have sprung up all across the galaxy. Fleeing from starvation, these star bound Snitherei have brought their hunger into the stars and let the galaxy beware, for while the Snitherei may be wary of any dangerous foe, there is nothing they fear more than the all consuming hunger that is always just a step behind them.


The Snithereal biology is capable of entering into a semi-hibernation mode to save energy and due to the long periods of privation, is actually the most common state that other races encounter. With the consumption of a sufficient mass of protein (~70 body weight by mass), the Snithereal physiology is capable of sudden and massive changes in energy output and activity, with measurements of increases of up to 37% in strength and a startling 50% increase in twitch reaction and speed that can often catch the unprepared or those that are used to their hibernation speeds off guard. A hibernating Snithereal might not be a match for even a human but a fully fed one can give even a top tier Syntis warbot a run for its money.


Snithereal society is organized along caste lines with the Religious caste in charge of day to day law, research and governing and interpretation of galactic events for the regular citizen/worker class. The military of the Snitherei comprises of the group of Warriors called the Temple Guards and it is they who are given the lion’s share of food in execution of the duty of protecting both the Workers and the Priests. Not even the priests eat as well as the Guard.

While rigid, the caste system of the Snithereals is not impermeable and it is not uncommon for promotions and demotions to happen through constant societal testing. Many a Worker dream of becoming a Temple Guard and never have to worry about food again while Priests that have demonstrated a degree of inability in their duties have been known to be re-classed as a menial worker. The Priests are much respected due to the invention of the Warp Drive that saved their civilization and as spokespeople for their Gods and to be promoted to the Priesthood is indicative that the person is considered to be either one of the race’s most intelligent or wisest individual.

The constant low level starvation that the Snithereals undergo influences their outlook towards the universe in general. To them, hell is not the burning flames of human mythology or the Halls of Shame of the Ripchee but a place where a Snithereal is sent to eternally starve and the new galaxy of food is their promised land of plenty, with the Priests as their guide and saviors, given to them by their Gods where they no longer have to starve. Once they get rid of a few of the more aggressive foodstock of course. It remains to be seen if this viewpoint of other races only as food will cause them to be hostile to everyone or will the Priests seek a more flexible accommodation with the other races.


I can also write about society if you want but the page will go past the word count limit. lol

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@joe Is this still intended to be tied into the game as an origin for everything so to speak?

Snithereal are bloodthirsty race. The follow no hierarchy, only the strongest and most cunning survive. Infighting is quite common between snithereal and thus they had barely managed to achieve space travel before the andromeda wormholes arrived. It was during one such infighting that they entered a Andromeda wormhole.

After they arrived in the andromeda they found themselves in a unkown space where they were the weakest, they were the prey, but through their warrior spirit and cunning they conquered planets in the Andromeda one by one. Their primeval nature often lead to them having competitions to see who could kill the most of their prey. Wisely the snithereal took the technology they found compatible with their own and incorporated it into theirs. They even found a way to make use of mankinds armour and they designed new fuel efficient engines with the knowledge they have accumulated from the other races engines.

However they soon found one race they could not defeat. The syntis. They united for the first time in their history and after many months of fighting they managed to drive the syntis off the planet they had come to take. The syntis left behind technology far greater than their own and the snithereal once again incorporated it into theirs.

Once the weakest and now one of the most advanced races in the andromeda the Snithereal are now united under a new cause: To Dominate the Galaxy and to prove that there is no other as powerful as they are.

(yes i know im 50 words short, but i don’t know what to add so here it is.)


Wow, impressive, I didn’t expect such a rapid response!

I think it would be ok to go over the word limit a bit, if it’s too long and the community vote for it, could always look at trimming it down then if necessary.

This backstory should be about the Snithereal, but it could tie in to their arrival in this galaxy. The main story you linked to, we will probably expand/edit that (so I wouldn’t try to tie in too tightly to it, a draft was done recently) and make it more prominent.

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Ok, updated “Society”.

Here’s my attempt:

Every known ecosystem in the galaxy is supported by a food chain; a rich diversity of microbes, flora and fauna, all dependent on each other to survive. Such chains always have organisms that sit at the top – apex predators, stronger, faster, more vicious or intelligent than those below them. The most dangerous of all are those species which comprehend their lofty position, and resolve to not just exploit it, but entrench it against any who would oppose them.

Those in Snithereal society who do not possess such traits, this primal drive to feed and conquer, are consigned to the worst fate imaginable for their kind – going hungry. Those that do, which partake in the “Bloodthirst” together, as it has been labelled by xenoanthropologists, are members of a deeply-knit martial fellowship spanning their species, a far cry from the bickering and infighting seen in humans or the remorseless logic of the Syntis.

Having eventually exhausted prey on their homeworld, their ruby-red eyes turned outwards, toward the stars. Harnessing their need to not merely survive, but dominate, they turned their energies towards achieving interstellar travel, a feat which they achieved worryingly quickly. Like the Snithereal themselves, their vessels are sleek and fuel-efficient to satisfy their predatory instincts. After all, any predator that cannot hunt their foe will surely be hunted in turn. These hunting fleets swept through their home system and into the next, conquering and consuming all they found, but still it was not enough.

And then the wormholes opened. Where other civilizations looked upon them with fear, turning away from the unknown, the Snithereal saw opportunity. Here, at last, was a rich new hunting ground, an inexhaustible supply of both food and glorious battle, just waiting for those bold enough to go forth and conquer it. And so they went.

To be witness to a Snithereal invasion is to watch a display of both beguiling grace and horrifying savagery. Striking from beyond ranges their prey thought possible, their invasion fleets sweep aside any opposition before hanging in orbit, warships taller than they are long, as if coiled and ready to strike. Once planetside, their warriors eschew creeping bombardments and siege warfare for lightning strikes, fighting hand-to-hand, both for personal honour and to taste the fear of their foes. Those unfortunate enough to survive conquest live in fear, knowing that they only exist because their new masters permit it, in order to eventually satiate their endless hunger for warm blood.

As any of these unfortunate souls will tell you, there is in fact something worse than being hungry.

Being eaten.


Guys, don’t forget this part of the species description:

“In the beginning there was only the Great Serpent. They coiled into a great spiral and went to sleep. Their body turned into a galaxy giving life and a home to the first Snithereal.”

It kind of hints at a religious overtones society instead of a maraudering one like the Ripchee.


In the beginning there was Snither, the Great Serpent. Whom gave the Snithereal their first world. This giant space Snake, coiled in upon itself.
Giving the blessing of a world, of life, of the one true beginning. According to legend.

Their society is a combination of Monarchy and Religion. Both steeped deeply in legend, history and tradition. It was the first King, wearing the first fabled red cloak, that began the hunt. A celebration of life and coronation. The populace combed through their world, giddy with celebration. Slaughtering all non Snitheral that stood before them and having a bloody feast.

The average Snithereal stands only 5ft tall. Having sleek bodies, that reflect some of the natural colors of their homeworld. Their true strength is found in their customs and the warrior cast. That fights with a frenzy.

With a regal composure, combined with a cunning wit. It is best, you don’t go to their feasts, as you may find yourself the main course.

As the hunt in their homeworld, exploded their population. They had to find a way of continuing to grow and pay homage to the great Snither. Reports are scattered, as those whom meet them, seldom live to tell the tale.
Yet, within this strength, lies in perhaps their greatest weakness. If they devour everything on their planets, a fall into stagnation follows.

This lead to Noble houses being created. Each responsible for the balance. That of remembering their roots, maintaining their culture and planning for their future.

It is rumored, that Snither has become a new, within the galaxy. That the Snithereal are searching for their guiding spirit amongst the stars. The Noble house, who finds it. Becomes the new King. To lead the follows to the new dawn. Watch for the sign of blood red blazing sun. For what follows, no being has yet be able to say for sure!

Been a while thinking on this as I wanted to play them a bit first. But best post it before I forget! -zzzZathabarrr

The Snithereal home-world was a place of contradictions, violent deadly contradictions. With the planets axis nearly facing their parent star. Hellish heat and frozen wastes vied with each other for harshness.

With unlimited heat to warm them, the early Snithereal throve in the humid twilight band around the equator. Rising from a simple predator, to an integrated and highly technical species. Mastering technology to keep them warm in any conditions they first subdued the dark half of their world stamping out any life form that might have also risen to challenge them with a calm indifference. Centuries later they considered the twinkling stars above them with an unblinking, hungry, gaze.

The First Ravening - Early Expansion
With the discovery of the first Warp drives they Spread from the Nestworld, ruthlessly devouring worlds leaving no higher life form alive to challenge them. Who knows how many potential space-faring societies and races disappeared in this cold emotionless advance of destruction across the stars.

Then they met the “The Metal ones” Baffled by this chance meeting with hyperintelligent cybernetic creatures, that they could not consume, and could barely match in technology, there advance was halted. Nursing their first real setbacks they redoubled there efforts to refine their technology, developing the multilayer ablative scale like armour that is a trademark of their vessels.

Eventually this false war petered out. The two species shared very little in common, and even the most belligerent Snithereal saw less and less sense in fighting creatures that could not be consumed and worlds too usually too cold for easy conquest. However, seeing the metal ones successful use of slave species in their own war efforts: the Snithereal reevaluated their indifference to other creatures.

The Second Ravening - Conquest and Enslavement
Exploring a little more cautiously, they catalogued and analysed new intelligent creatures learning much from these hapless civilizations. The Great Queens determined some could remain as useful slaves. Unless they were needed for the next mating season of course. No longer under certain sentence of death, races instead lived in fear that at some day their lives would be demanded as well as their labour!

Eventually their rapaciousness led to the great dispersal. United together, a band of their oppressed sub races managed to smuggle a cryonic bomb onto the Nestworld. The bomb overloaded the Photonic shields erected in the heart of the great dessert where the crown city lay. Millions of Snithereal were slain as the searing heat swept in, including all the Ancient Queens that formed the governance of the race.

The War of Queens - Civil war and dispersal
Of course younger Snithereal Queens existed off planet. They lost no time in pressing their claims of seniority by Age, or blood, or influence. For a century the Snithereal preyed largely upon themselves as they squabbled for power: much to the relief of the universe.

But all such conflicts end and a victor was eventually chosen as the the Great Queen, and once again the far flung coils of the Snithereal are reaching outwards to the greater universe.

But perhaps this time the universe is ready…

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it might or might not be past december 1st, according to which divine calender you use.

"the snithereal are critters of death and decay; forever trapped in ungodly homunculi (artificial bodies made of clay and/or parts of corpses), their mind which was never of this divine world, reels in their abomitable corpuses (corpi) until they will be smitten by the gods (PR).
then the people’s wrath will cleanse the galaxy (please stress this in your description, this is important) of the snithereal.
remember: overconfidence is a slow and assiduous killer.

Update: thanks for all of your submissions!

The poll is now open. Please read through the Snithereal backstory submissions above and vote for your favourite (vote form is in the OP here). We’ll close the poll after the voting rate has dropped off. Thanks

Congratulations to SternguardJake, your winning Snithereal backstory has been added to the wiki.

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