Point of carrier?

What is the point of the carrier module? It seems it starts with a cooldown and is not ready to use, if the combat starts, that means you are pretty much idling most time:

It looks like carrier fleets are suicide bomber, that kills ships after 30 second, if the carrier survives at least 8 seconds.


I have suggested they should be pre launched for the first strike and then have the long reload.

Check out my suggestion here

If a missile takes 8 secs to deliver it’s damage, a torp 12 secs, then a carrier module should take about 20 seconds. It should launch at a time that provides it can deliver all it’s damage by the end of the 20 second period. Then it can re-target and start a second attack ‘clock’ if the ship has survived.

Carriers as they are now are just not needed. Yes they deal massive damage, but all that damage is done to a single ship. Imagine if we could split the damage to multiple ships. We simply dont need a bigger and slower torpedo, torpedos already do that job good. Fighters should be used for attack and defense, as stated in my suggestion link above. Fighters in pretty much every sci fi are used strategically.

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With the exception of abusing mechanics, carriers should never be used

Functions of fighters should be many and varied. It’s very silly to treat them as a projectile. A thorough redesign should force more thoughtfully imbalanced combat with fleets racing to discern which sort of fighter cover the opposing fleet has brought to the battle.