Point Defense Module

I haven’t played around with AoE weapons yet so I don’t know if what I’m about to suggest would be worthwhile or not, but here goes nothing.

Would it make sense to have a Point Defense Module that could be used to counter indirect AoE weapons? I’m picturing something that would shoot incoming missiles before they reach their intended destination. I think it would be good to have a short range on this so the ship shooting it down still takes damage from the splash, but it is able to prevent the splash from hitting as many ships.

Good idea? Bad idea? Other comments or suggestions?

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Like… an item that totally shuts down 4 research pathways of weapons completely? What could possibly be wrong?

And just to point out, missile and torpedo AoEs are so small it usually only hits 1 target anyway. The only possible weapons that might even do damage are the Cluster missiles and torpedoes and those are pathetically weak.

I like the idea in the general sense that making battles more complex sounds fun in general. In some other ship designing games you have to really make a lot of tough choices in terms of beams vs kinetics vs point defense vs fighters vs drones vs missiles vs rockets vs nukes, etc.

Really I think most people would support “a more interesting combat simulator” but I suspect it’s a lot to hope for.


Not shuts down completely, just weakens the amount of targets it can hit.

Seen this before intruder? One battleship died even before a single torpedo hit and another followed soon after. SML-Bs are pathetically weak. I counted 9 hits before even the 505 HP corvettes in the middle died.

I fought a similar fleet using Hellfire battleships before and only one battleship died near the end of the fight. AoE weapons are weak enough as they are already.

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Thanks for the info! I hadn’t seen it before. As I stated up front, I have no experience with these myself. I was under the impression from other threads that AoE was very powerful in some situations.

Weapons, battle mechanics and fleet formations need a rework overall. Might be a place for defensive modules in making battles last longer.


Theoretically excellent. Developers look closely, not in context of current vertical tech, but reworked horizontal tech. Personal comment - horizontal tech implementation must consider solo players working against cooperative players and effective tech switch costs!

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I hope a lot :slight_smile:

My problem with the topic is that we should need point defense modules yet don’t.


And a bigger problem would be currently the game is balanced between guns and missiles (and energy but different topic). Slanting the defence so drastically to one side means that missiles and torpedoes become much, much less effective than guns, resulting in “metas” being formed and leaving branches of the research queue useless.

So unless your “point defence” is also followed by a “kinetic gun deflector” and an “energy deflector”, no. For the simple reason that it is an idea for the sake of an idea and does not take into consideration game balance at all.

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Point defenses are a fine idea however it would require a large combat rework.

While alot of games have them, not sure if any strategy game pull them off well before. (Maybe the one indy space 4x game that came out recently, blanking on the name, but those where player controlled and drastically different combat)

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Then as I said in the name of balance, you better nerf guns and energy weapons in a similar way.

I disagree completely. This would be easy to balance in even in the current environment. Adding this type of defense takes space and power, so you are likely giving up some shields or armor to make room for it. That will naturally reduce your defense against direct attacks.

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And what “direct attacks” are you talking about? The ones that your new toy now ensures that the enemy can’t even touch you with? This will just cause a gun spam and no one will even bother to use missiles ever again.

I could argue just the opposite. Having this type of tech would allow for boosts to the AoE damage to make it stronger than it is today. If you boosted its damage without something like this then everyone would just be using missiles instead of guns. As has been said, it needs balance (along with everything else combat related).

It sounds like you have some experience using the current AoE weapons. Are they working well for you currently? Earlier responses to this thread seemed to indicate they are pretty weak in their current state, but I have no personal experience to confirm.

You know it is already very weak and yet you still want it nerfed further?

Then there are those missiles and torpedoes that are not AOE that will get totally shut down by this.

You want a reverse argument? Then tell me, with your little toy, why would I bother using missiles any more and not just use Kinetic cannons and Hellfires or even MPCs exclusively? Tell me one reason why I would even want to use missiles?

Because the fleets you are fighting aren’t using point defense modules, so they would be more vulnerable to AoE attacks.

This is really no different than choosing between kinetic and energy weapons based on your opponents user if shields and armor.

And just to be clear, I’m not suggesting this just be added into the current environment as is, but as something we could consider as combat is rebalanced in the future.

Scouts were 375 HP. 3 SML-A hits, minor losses (1 ship) from gunfire.