Pls help logging in (Steam authorization failed etc)

Hi! Just bought hte game on Steam and cannot login. At 1st the game shows an error logging in to Steam

Then I try to login with IDA login and the game asks me for a code

Hi there,

Are you still unable to join the game?

We’re sorry to hear that you were unable to start playing right away. Usually when this happens it’s temporary and caused because the game client can’t contact Steam.

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Hi! I did log in today and I am almost a 100% sure that restarting steam alltogether helped me

If you click OK
You should get the option to put in your username (email) and IDA password

However when I get that, what works for me to restart the game, and I don’t get that issue

If it continues to happen I usually clear the game cashe via steam (steam > settings > downloads > clear downloads cashe)
And it solves it for me