PLS CHANGE sings of systems we had explored!

Please CHANGE sings of systems that we had explored !!! i just explore allot pf systems and didint colonize any planet BUT now it is hard for me to know what system i have a colony or not …
of course after some time i can realize what systems have planets colonized but it is so misleading …

Make it like a round of web.or jsut higlight them for us to know that we have been there and we know what planets what resurces got

.but NOT make the same texture and signs same like our systems that we have planets on them

it is very frustrating :confused:


English is preferred.

Colonised systems are in pale Blue… Non colonised in sensor range White; Non Colonised out of sensor range Grey.

Enemies are red, Allies Green?

How is this unclear? DO you have a colour sight deficiency? If so then yes maybe this could be looked at again but for now I cant see the point of this post.

Please explain further :slight_smile:


I think, he means when a system gets into a ship’s sensor range the planets in the system are visible and general information is available (size, land, °C) but the game doesn’t record this information and it is forgotten as soon as the system gets out of sensor range. :frowning_face:

This information is recorded only when a ship enters the system.



Uhm… after reading it again it is clear that I was wrong. Just ignore my post. Sorry! :sweat:

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Are you asking that labels for explored systems and planets should be different (so you can tell from the map what non-colonized systems you’ve already explored)? If so, we do plan to make a small visual change to system/planet labels to indicate if they have been explored (e.g. a different border colour).