Please replace mine-laying mechanic with cultural fields

We all know that mine-laying is not an effective defensive tool. So what are they?

Last night I was out prancing with my dreadnought pirate fleet because I was bored.

Wanted to see if there are any other fleets to engage with.

Instead my neigbour freaked out and went to a system where I had the fleet and put 1200 mines there. So half my ships blew up before I even realised. Then I warped in a sweeper and limped back with my fleet. How fun…

Is this how this game is going to be like?

I mean if I wanted to attack him, I would have brought several mine sweeping fleets with plenty of escorts and his minefields would have been swept. So it is not a good defensive tool it is a good tool to annoy people with and prevent casual PvP.

Please remove this anti-fun mechanic and, if you want a good defensive tool? Introduce an cultural aura building, which once built, will put a constant speed reduction if any non-ally ships to warp 1. That will give good homefield advantage for any defending fleet and thus a good defensive tool and know that no one is going to be ninja killing your colonies while you are sleeping.

It will also double as borders as it will give off a visible aura, which can be turned off if you want to hide.

Couple this with system AI guardian fleets, when you are offline, and you are fairly safe when you are not playing.

Any pirate fleets is up for killing. Seems minefields worked perfectly and it’s why they should remain so people have to use escorts while prancing around.


If your definition of “works perfectly” is the same as not having ship to ship combat then yes. It completely avoided actually having to fight with your ships.

Maybe in the future they can separate servers where mining is disabled so people can have some actual ship to ship combat.

They flew ships right past you. You missed ship to ship combat because you were not prepared to escort properly. Have you looked into why the Yamato was sunk? lol

Have you ever heard of cloaking? I didnt see his minelayers because they were cloaked.

I guess you did not read my post properly because I am well aware that if I wanted to attack him, I would bring all kinds of detectors, mine-sweepers and cloaked ships but I was not attacking him. What mine-laying does is to prevent exploration and casual PvP as it fails as a defensive tool.

And Yamota and Yamato were not the same ships. Another thing I guess you missed.

And why yes I have heard of cloaking and it’s why you use cloak detectors to avoid sneak attacks and losing battleships. You lost a battleship. Yamato is a battleship. That was the reference. No idea what a Yamota is tbh.

Forums need to start checking IP addresses. Guess why…

My engagements have been NOTHING like that. Perhaps you need to look at why things went the way they went?

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im kinda amazed someone thinks mines are fine and not terrible broken. This is even the worst type of mines, offensive mines

Tactical mines. Sweeping is a problem. No notifications.

I think the planetary radarstation should be able to detect mines, atleast minesfields that covers the system the radar station is build in. Also the radarstation should give true vision to the orbit of all planets inside the system the radarstation is built at level 3.

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Yes and this is probably why we are at this difficult position. The developers listening to people playing 24/7 and who thinks mines are fine where as it is detrimental to any sort of casual gameplay style.

This is an old problem in MMOs. Devs listening to hardcore fans and not thinking about the casual, far more plentiful, gamers.

Mines hinder movement and prevent any sort of casual PvP. You have to bring an armade of detectors, sweepers and what not, just to see what is around you. So because of this mines are twice bad, they stop casual PvP but not a dedicated PvPer, so it is not a good tool in any way or form. It slows down and bogs you down, like trenches in 1st world war.

It should be removed and replaced with something that slows people down from invading your space while you are offline. When you are online you should protect your space with ships and not mines. Those ships can even help defend your colony when offline by implementing a proper guard system but that is for another post.

I think a comment on a proper guard system belongs here, because, I hear, the guard fleets in the speed server got cheesed into near uselessness just like the ODS, as I predicted. IMO, the “cultural net” is just as bad as any minefield, just in a different way.

How would you setup a guard system that does not become just as tedius to setup and function as the system that governs the fleet setups?

It is just as bad because…? Saying something is bad without saying why is not constructive.

The “cultural field” is better than mine-laying for many reasons. For one, the attacker cannot, short of attacking the colony and destroying the building, cannot get rid of it. So if it takes him several hours for him to invade your space then there is nothing he can do about it.

As for guarding, I heard the devs are already working on expanding it. At the very least it would be the same newbie guardian fleets so you neither need to set it up nor do you lose anything.

How it could work in a more advanced way, is that you get to assign one or more of your fleets as guardian fleets, so you can configure them yourself, and then after X minutes after you log then they are assigned to a pre-selected area with a maximum distance of Y LY from one of your colonies. Once AI controlled they will get zero loot if destroyed, so no point in farming them, and they are impervious to mines, so no point of luring them into mine fields, and they travel at max warp without using any fuel. Combine this with cultural aura/interdiction fields and then a potential invader will have a very hard time causing you grief then you not logged on.

If you want to make them really hard for people to invade your space when logged off then they could also be like the super-powerful guardian AI ships in Eve. They are neigh indestructible and will almost instantly warp to your position, prevent you from fleeing by warp scrambling and rooting you in place and have super-high DPS. So only people like suicide gankers ever bother with them.

Personally I think that is a bit overboard but if you are serious about preventing, or making it very hard for people to invade your space when offline, then there are certainly ways to do that. Thing is I suspect some people here want to allow for offline invasions because it makes it easy for them. But also you have to prevent people from being logged off all the time so that they can exploit this guardian system. A maximum duration, like 48 hours, could be set for how long the guardian fleets will protect you before you have to log in again and with a few hours cooldown, that should prevent exploiting of the system.

How does this differ from what IDA is already planning with the interdiction field? It drops fleets to W1, meaning it will take hours to arrive at the planet. Now fast galaxy, if implemented there would be faster, but still slower than w3, w5 or w9.

Nothing I guess, I was not aware of those plans until recently. However another bonus with the “cultural field/aura” is that it can act as a visual border and can be used in the future for all kinds of things. For example if they ever implement civilian trading, patrols etc then this aura could be the background. As long as they dont limit this interdiction field to only act as a speed limiter then I guess there is not much difference. Cultural field/aura sounds more generic.

I would respond with the entire thread, but this would be the most direct answer.

expecially if your opponent was omnipresent. This addition heavily favours the active.

As if those didnt already have a work around?

Or a powerful surprise when I set one of these guys to defend a hideout deep within enemy territory… A minefield you just gotta avoid and sweep which can be painful but this, build a planet with the field, this and only defensive structures and trollolol your oponent out of the game.

So if I log into the game for 1 HR per day, what do you think your success rate would be at traversing a stasis field in the time required full well knowing that I would send my fleets to intercept yours and be defended by my super powerful Eve ship considering any fight between us would have a 3 hour travel time.

Idk, how long of a delay in activity would you like considering it can take 24 hours to travel between many neighboring systems at w1. Should the duration to cross the intradiction field match the delay in activation of my Eve fleet?

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Ok so you got all these objections. But do you actually have any constructive suggestions? I haven’t seen any.

There are a few years of suggestions in these forums. In fact you state above you were not even aware of “Those plans” a few posts up. Game has a ton of content to be added and balanced. Sitting in a sticky trap for several hours waiting to get blown up will be hated even more then the minefields that are working well to slow the hyper active pvp players somewhat.

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I think one thing I left out is advancements that reduce dmg from the ODS, but this is just my most recent idea.

Edit: none of the above includes any pop growth either.

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