Please improve the 7/1 engine

I keep trying to make fleets using this 7/1 engine but no matter what configurations of corvettes, destroyers and frigates I use, I simply cannot justify the relatively small gain but the huge penalty of running out of Olzyl and being dead in space at warp 1 over the superior 5/3 engine.

Is there a use case, other than early game and maybe colonizers, to use this extremely niche engine?

I think not and not having an option for 5/3 engines makes end game a bit dull. So I suggest increasing the lower warp speed to 2 so it comes 7/2 and make it more fuel efficient. That way it is +40% faster than 5/3, at max warp, and -33% slower at min. warp. Much more balanced than the current +40% and a massive -68% slower as it is now at min warp. This way you actually have options for engines.

This will also give a bonus for smaller ship fleets as they are the only one’s that can realistically use the 7/1 engines.

Currently Warp 7 is 4x as fast as Warp 3.
and Warp 7 is 50% faster than Warp 5.
Warp 3 is 3x as fast as Warp 2.
Warp 9 is 44x as fast as Warp 1.

I was assuming that the numbers are just regular numbers in the sense that warp 2 is twice as fast than warp 1. Are you telling me that they have some weird logarithmic scale where this is not the case?

If so, my math is wrong but the case still stands. 7/1 engines have very few use cases and need to be improved to be a valid alternative to 5/3.

They don’t want every big fleet running around at warp 7. And once wormholes are implemented engine speeds might not be as big of an issue getting from colony to colony.

So what you are saying is to keep the 7/1 engines useless? Because “they” dont want big fleets to use it?

So what is it for then?

Then how many Zyril are required to build the 7/2 engine in your assumption?

7/1 engines are used primarily in defensive situations where you have the resources nearby to keep them fueled. And they let you catch much slower 3/5 fleets.

Unless you’re Ripchee, in which case you should just be using 4/9s.

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7/1 fleets catching 5/3 fleets? Seeing as this game is done in such a way that 7/1 fleets are not viable for Cruisers, BS and DNs, what exactly are you catching with your 7/1 fleets? Corvette fleets?

Seems like a very limited usage and increasing them to 7/2, and increasing fuel efficiency, so they are viable for short range BS/Cruiser fleets would make for a viable alternative.

Not really thought about that. Why is that important? I am sure it can be balanced in a way to be competitive against 5/3 and make for a viable option. 5/3 engines for deep exploration/war and 7/2 for short range blitz fleets.

They are viable for Cruisers and Battleships, when you include fuel tankers. Just because you haven’t figured out how to use them doesn’t make them not viable.

And they are definitely viable for fleets of T2 destroyers and frigates, again with fuel tankers.

I guess you and mine meaning of the word ‘viable’ differs. Ofcourse I have tried include fuel tankers but you will reduce the efficiency of the fleet by doing so. One fuel tanker is one cruiser/battleship that your opponents 5/3 fleet will have over you. So you gimp your fleet for some speed and if you ever run out of fuel, you are dead in the water and a sitting duck.

Also tried T2 destroyers and frigates and their range isnt impressive. Certainly not to warrant the risk of getting stuck at warp 1. Also, if I remember correctly, the best outscape player on Awaken, Kenosis, included in his long and excellent goodbye post to improve the 7/1 engine as he thought there were very few cases where it was useful.

So it is certainly not me not “figured out” how to use it when the best player in the game says the same thing.

Best player? By what metric? Anyone who discounts a fleet setup for interception and softening bigger targets is probably cheesing the leaderboards anyway.

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The ‘best player’ on a 10x speed server with very different dynamics really adds so many things that make it hard to compare much of anything.

I opened up by saying 7/1 engines are for defensive situations where you have the resources (fuel) to support them. That is my opinion, and you don’t have to agree with it. But if you’re close to your own planets, you can send 4/9 tankers out to refuel your wounded duck fleet as needed, so you shouldn’t ever really have a warp 1 fleet. And everyone can do that, not just Ripchee.

I say this after having fought extensive battles against other players, on the regular servers, where both sides had various combinations of 4/9, 1/7, and 3/5 ships and fleets. They all have a purpose. Some just require more skill, and better logistics, to operate. The same is true for the energy weapons versus ordnance weapons discussion.

And, as I pointed out in another thread, I think you may need some more experience, on any server, to supplement your education on how the game works and how different people play it. Plus how different races work best.

So all of this for a meager change from 7/1 to 7/2? No wonder things improve so slowly in this game. Everyone seems so defensive for every little improvement.

Ah well, hopefully developers are a bit more open minded.

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I like that suggestion!

Game already has a 2/4 engine and a 2/7 doesn’t fit the lineup progression the developers themselves have laid out.

What you need to be asking is for more efficiency and better base speed as these parameters have been adjusted more than once.

And it would be really handy to get our ability to adjust warp speeds manually back as well so we can select slower mid range more efficient speeds rather than either fast or slow.



Warp one is an abomination at the current speed setting and nobody should be forced to use it ever.

Well the point is that it needs to be improved to give a valid choice for the end-game 5/3 engine. Increasing the non-boost by one seems to be the easiest change and hence why I suggested it.

As for 4/2 engines, does anyone ever use those? If so for what, why would you use 4/2 over 5/3 which is faster for both boosted and non-boosted warp. I assume those were just a temporary engine you use, on the normal servers, before researching 5/3.

7/1 is different from 5/3 in the sense that the boosted warp is faster and the non-boosted slower hence it looks geared towards short bursts where as 5/3 is better for long distance travel. However warp 1 is so terrible that it more or less disqualifies the engine for anything but very niche uses.