Please implement multi-select of fleets

We just had a big war (kudos to the server for staying up) and in this big war people had to move around/attack with 100+ fleets, one by one, and this is not only incredibly boring but also unhealthy as my mouse finger has now turned into a claw!

So please, for the sake of all that is holy, implement multi-select of units. It is not hard, just look at StarCraft 2. Hold click to create a selection square over some fleets and then CTRL+# to create a group and then need to give 1 movement order instead of 100!


Here is a cheap item in the Unity asset store which has multiselection of units:

If something like that is so cheap then surely the development in Outscape should be small?

So would be nice to know if it is planned or any QoL really as I am losing motivation to login to the game when I have to do these menial tasks that would be so much easier with some simple additions.


It uses left mouse button, but I dare say that the devs could change mouse behaviour based on holding say a shift key then mouse select…

then on release you have your fleets selected and can move them all to the same point…

if in addition to that QoL we wanted to move them as a structure then you would get that when you click to move to empty space… rather than a planet orbit or star.

Attacking would be fun… add into the mix waypoints…

click attack one fleet, then shift attack 2nd fleet and so on… perfect for cleaning up if you are not able to be online long…same goes for cargo… click multiple collection debris points and they all go out as a pack and collect everything…then home…

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Maybe also make it so we can customize the settings.

For the short term, I’m happy with the simplest option. Multiple select of fleets to send and coord entry for the destination.

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Yes I think they should change the use of LEFT CLICK HOLD. Currently scrolling by moving the cursor to the edge works but for some reason the horizontal movement is much faster than the vertical, which is too slow. That together with arrow keys to move around should be enough.

But what puzzles me is that if multiselection of units is just a trivial thing to develop in Unity then why hasn’t it been? Such basic thing should be a given in a game where you end up with 100+ units. That and queuing of actions should have been one of the first things implemented as it gives tremendous benefit for relative small cost.

And now HRex just reset and quit the game and his final statement: Game is too tedious.

So another active and good player leaving the game and at this point I am not sure anyone cares anymore…

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In galaxy overview… Since we can search by fleet name.
Having the ability to select all from galaxy overview to send them to one location… That’s also something I want

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