Please add pop-related confirmations when moving troops

When moving normal pop off of a population, there’s a popup confirmation if the amount you’re taking will A) cause a labor shortage or B) abandon the colony

But when moving pop off-world in the form of troops, there are no such confirmations. It’d be nice to have that popup for B especially, as without it one may accidentally abandon the sweet world they just conquered and instantly trash untold hours’ worth of construction.

Not that I would ever do such a thing by accident! Definitely not me…


While you’re at it, please factor in secondary populations when popping up those confirmation boxes… I drained my extra PR people off of an Evo world for weeks and weeks, and the planet was never at any risk of an actual labor shortage. But every… single… time… I got the warning message.

Didn’t they fix that already?

Anything’s possible. When every patch seems to break more than it fixes, it’s hard to keep track. And I haven’t drawn population off of that particular planet (or any dual-pops) in a while, so I wouldn’t know. Just seemed related.

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Might not be anything to do with dual pop. I got notifications on single pop when labor shortage short of 30.

They fixed it 2(?) patches ago, it works fine now.

I know because it used to irritate the hell out of me too.

They fixed the original problem. You don’t get a warning with normal population transfers if it won’t drive you into a shortage. They do need to provide a warning on both population and troops if it will drop your civ to zero population, thus abandoning the planet. I think there may be one on general population,but not on troops. It should check both.

We have a bug ticket for removing troops not triggering a warning if doing so would cause a labor shortage or abandoning the colony - so that should be fixed soon.

The other issue with a wrong warning that removing population would cause a labor shortage should be fixed so please let me know if you do see it again.