Please Add Ordinance to Galaxy Overview

So, as my navy grows ever so slowly, i get the use out of the galaxy overview. It is simply too much work to check through every fleet to see if they are repaired and or havr fuel. The galaxy overview makes this a hell of a lot easier to just check through it and see which fleet needs what. But what is missing is ordinance capacity. We have health and fuel, even all the resources, AND even colonists, but we have no indication for how much ammo a fleet has. I have to go through every fleet and see if they are full on ammo. Please do this.


Oridinance just check limbalt levels of colonies as ordinance is reflection of limbalt.

He means fleet ordinance

I think there was a way to check via galaxy overview
I’ll have to look it up next time I log in and get back to you

No ordinance of fleet can’t be checked from galaxy overview you need to goto view the fleet formation view to check fleet ordinance

Ordnance distribution within fleets is pretty broken also, but that’s just one more thing on the list.

Ordinance within fleets each ship uses it’s own supply therefore if it’s own supply runs out. Unless you have a secondary backup energy weapon your ship will be rendered useless in battle

I was thinking more about bombers, but sure, that too.

It forces you to transfer ordnance out of the fleet, then back into the fleet, to get all the ships to fill up. Which is broken, in my opinion. You can add an ordnance freighter to the fleet full of ordnance, but the ships still won’t have any.

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A transport with ordinance needs to automatically share with its fleet…


No tbh ordinance shouldn’t be shared in a fleet. And imo fuel shouldn’t be shared either. What all civs need is a new hull class for mobile repairs and refuel abilities. Can pu/mine ozline, limbelt and farsu at any planet from orbit in limited quantities. Then use those resources to fuel, rearm or repair a fleet.

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I’m not saying it should be shared during combat, but certainly after the fight. Why make us jump through hoops just to share res?

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Already have the hoop to jump through with reloading ammo. This would allow not having to run freighters into a combat zone and give the other civs a mobile repair option that many want.

Well build a supply fleet with ammo , Olzine supply. This way when it comes to minefields you can get minefield two or even 9 LY all directions from the solar system as you have olzine , ammo distribution that way the minelayer’s don’t have to travel back for supplies . That means to travel from one side of the minefield to the other is 18 LY across.