Planned Changes to the Leaderboards

Hi everyone,

We’re planning some changes to the leaderboards:

  • Remove ‘Galactic Conqueror’, ‘Explorer’ and ‘Economist’ leaderboards
    • From the usage stats we can see there is little interest in those categories compared to the others. Galactic Conqueror and Explorer are limited and Industrialist is a better measure of economy than Economist.
  • Add Alliance leaderboard equivalents for Grand Emperor and Master of Warfare
    • They will sum the scores of all alliance members on those leaderboards (like what we’ve been doing on the Galactic News)
  • Run weekly Master of Warfare contests
    • Each new contest would start/finish on a Friday night
    • The player/alliance that earns the most Master of Warfare points that week wins
    • The current standings and previous week’s result would be displayed on its own leaderboard

Improve the ‘Grand Emperor’ and ‘Master of Warfare’ Leaderboards

We also plan to improve the Grand Emperor and Master of Warfare leaderboards. We’re still considering the changes. Here’s a summary of the feedback I’ve seen on the forums. Please let me know if there’s anything else you think we need to look at while we consider the changes.

  • Grand Emperor
    • Docked fleets should contribute points
  • Master of Warfare
    • PvE fleet kills (pirates) shouldn’t give as many points as PvP kills (should pirate fleet kills give no points or a reduced percent e.g. 10%?)
    • ODS fleet kills shouldn’t give as many points as fleet battle kills (e.g. they could give 25% of the points instead)
    • Bug: points aren’t being awarded for fleet kills while using false flags
    • Bug: points aren’t being awarded for minefield ship kills unless the whole fleet is destroyed
  • All
    • Leaderboards shouldn’t update in real-time but every 12/24 hours instead (to prevent players being able to see activity in real-time)

Thanks :slight_smile:


I think it should be more frequent than 12 hours. 4 hours would be reasonable, especially for the ATD server, possibly 12 hours for the main (slower) server.

All the rest of the changes seem good.


PvE points should be in separate leaderboard categories from PvP points imo.

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If the point of this is to prevent stalking the LBs in an attempt to determine active times, then it needs to be 24 hrs or longer, not that it really matters, there are better ways to determine this that are entirely outside IDA’s control.

If you can goad a player into dying on an ODS, I think you deserve full or nearly full credit. Does anyone actually think they can fly into orbit and not get hit by an ODS? It’s not like its invisible like a minefield.

20% imo. No more than 40%.

Or warmonger’s idea. Galactic Vigilante? Space police/defenders and galactic defender don’t sound as nice.

Ummmm… Awards?

Are any of these to be merged with other LBs?

Explorer is a core aspect of 4X games therefor there should be a leaderboard for it, however the old one was simply a “how far away from home did someone travel”. Sending a ship out on a long flight path wasnt something very special. Explorer Scoreboard should reflect the amount of planets someone has in their database, however that might lead to people chase a score and reduce their client performance in doing so. Still id love to still have a “pve” leaderboard some more casual oriented players can compete in.

Economist should be changed to current combined mining income instead of a wallet score. (and renamed industrialist)

Industrialst scoreboard can basicly go cause it has no value other than accusing other people of boosting accounts. its a scoreboard that leads to a lot of toxicity in the community. The reason its so popular is simply that people compared the Grand Emperor score with the Industrialist in order to find out about the amount of possible docked fleets someone had. However if docked fleets were to add to the Grand Emperor Score… all this can go.

when we will have Master of Warfare contests then pirate points should go alltogether cause we need more player to player interaction and not people playing singleplayer destroying one pirate fleet after another.

One thing about a master of warfare contest. If nothing is setup to stop it people will just feed ships to a main account and farm them. Super easy to cheat points from killing ships.


Reduced percent rather than no points. Killing PvE fleets, easy as it is, shows a degree of activity which should give some points. If PvE ever gets tougher, maybe have different board for PvE?

Will planet bombardment be giving points now?

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every action in game should give some sort of points.