Planet view isnt going away

planet view isnt going away when i click the back button, even though the planet disappears and is replaced by the galaxy view-again. i feel like this was fixed a long time ago.

I used to have this happen often, now it’s rare, but happens once in a while. Good to report it, usually happens when there’s some lag. Exit and re-enter to resolve it.

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Since adding about 150 solars more solars to my galaxy map, it happens once a night.

I’ll make sure there is an open bug ticket for this.

Do you mean it didn’t happen until your explanation history increased by 150 star systems? Also, do you have to be clicking quickly to trigger it? e.g. view planet management and quickly click the Back button.

The first time it happened was the first time I had the binary issue, so I figured they were connected. It was more frequent as I sent fleets to assist on a 6 day trip at warp 5, with increasing frequency as they traveled. As puma said, it appears to be connected to the lag.

Thats a pretty relative question and I’m not sure how to answer, so probably, but I never clicked the back button immediately after zooming into planet view.