Planet temperature not displaying in Galaxy Overview

Good day all. I’ve had this problem since day one in Pre-Beta. At first, I thought it was just something related to my computer, but now I guess not. Here is what I see (I’ve removed planet names for my own protection):

As you can see, temperatures are not displayed. Even if I click on temperature, I can’t see my temperatures. It’s not a big deal I guess, but seeing others who can see their temps makes me a little jealous.:sweat_smile:

Thanks, Dev Team! :slight_smile:

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It really is a big deal when you’re trying to decide where to expand to, and how much work you’ll have to do to fix the climate on each planet.

Hey, quick update. Things seem to be working now after the last few patches. Thanks, everyone! :smiley:

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Yes, this was fixed in the 0.97 patch.