Planet showing as enemy planet (enemy is me) after removing all my colonists

Hi there,

I removed all my colonists from a planet earlier today to abandon the planet. Everything went to plan and the planet was abandoned and removed from my cap. The planet looked fine at this point.

I then restarted the game and when I loaded back in, the planet was showing as an enemy planet and is now red on the map. When I click on the planet, the enemy is shown as Whitefall (me).


I’ve just scouted the planet again and it becomes a vacant planet again whilst I’m in orbit, as soon as I leave orbit it shows as an enemy planet belonging to me.

@joe <- Is a helpful thing to do. This helps bring attention to the issue, in a greater light.

I haven’t heard of this one before.

Thanks for reporting this, we have a pending bug ticket for it so it should be fixed soon.

Fab thanks a lot!

Still not fixed …