Planet Appearing to have no population

discovered a planet today that appeared to have no population but was fully functioning including planetary defences.

but when an invasion was launched the population came back

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Yup, this is a display bug that’s been around for a while now, @joe. Sometimes you can leave the system and come back and it will correct itself, but not always. And I’ve only seen it happen with Syntis planets.

Found another one

This time not colonised but it has troops

Thanks for these screenshots. I spent some time trying to reproduce this last week but was unable to do so. It’s been going on for a few weeks now and we’re keen to get it fixed. If you or anyone else sees this again, please let us know and hopefully the devs will be able to catch it on our test environment.

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It doesn’t show up as a problem to the actual owner of the planet I don’t believe, so you’ll need two accounts to perform a test on. Not sure if you’ve done that as yet. There’s still one on Main2 belonging to a friend of mine if you need details let me know. If I were to “steal” resources, it would return the population and the population would begin to start decreasing again.

Yes please let me know, it would be great if we can reproduce it.

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pm;d you the details.

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Thanks for your help with this. We were able to reproduce it this time and this bug has now been fixed finally! The fix will be in the next patch.