Place your Bets Please!

So a little Conumdrum for the community before I go to work.

My opponent had placed two of my border worlds under invasion. After looking at the fleets he used to do so I decided I had NO realistic chance of holding on to one of them but maybe I could hold the other if I packed out the troops from the sacrifice.

After doing that I deliberately dismantled the planets Climate stations & Power plants as I figured his Rips have a similar temp range to my snakes but his invasion force would be considerably smaller than the leftovers of my population!

Well all went as expected. So this morning I sent a Troop ship to counter invade and this is what I saw:


Sadly I only had troop capacity’s for a 1 day invasion so this is my question to you all:

  • When the last of his Ripchee Dies the invasion will succeed automatically? (Most logical to me)
  • When the invasion is calculated I will win but all the Rips will be long dead
  • When the last Ripchee dies (in about 6 hours from now) the planet will go neutral and all my invaders will (Magically) vanish in a total existence failure event (Most likely based on what I see in the game so far!)
  • Something completely different! (Please post below if you think this or have experience in this situation!)

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Place your bets good people!

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You should win, but I don’t think that’s how it currently works. Can’t say for sure, though.

And the winner was:

When the last of his Ripchee Dies the invasion will succeed automatically? (Most logical to me)

Bravo IDA Spot on! Though I wish as a point of fact I coulda kept a few Kitties for snacks but as I couldn’t get enough troops to it for a swift victory that wasn’t really likely!

I have a feeling this is an edge case the devs hadn’t considered: target population up and dies in between invasion launch and invasion completion. I suspect it will go neutral, your troops will go AWOL and you’ll have to send a colonizer.

That was my thought as well. But as I didn’t make it clear above.

The Ripchee are all gone already, and I have the planet back with all structures including a few Ripchee built ones. So the invasion auto won when the last defender died of the cold.

So looks like the DEVS did consider it and I say well done to them! @joe

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Thank goodness it isn’t working that way. I’m pretty sure that would be heavily exploited on planets with small population planets. The owners could just pick up their population and abandon it to stop the invasion, and then recolonize if they wanted to keep the planet and drop the population right back into place.