Pirates, they need a nerf!


I think we may be “arguing” (hateful word not my intent - nor yours I am sure!) about slightly different things. Maybe thats it. Love to see the loadout on those Dessies of yours BTW.

Still I take it the battle didn’t go optimally when as you said you:

Would your 3 T2 Destroyers + 5 Reinforced freighters escape such a fight without losses or…?

11/14’s is all I seem to get these days. All I am whinging for is more variety; in the form of more varied Pirate AI behaviour rather than just a firepower showdown :wink:


When I’m actually using the right fleet I use 6 T2 destroyers and a battleship. Using all missles/torps, and it makes short work of the pirates.

My cargo fleet went kersplat. The two escort destroyers died, and then it was just a matter of time for the pirates to pick off the freighters. Oh well. Lesson learned. Now I need to make sure I’m using the right fleet.

As for better AI, I would hope more effort is put into encouraging PvP interaction. Pirates should be filler, and not the main source of combat. However, if that’s not the actual direction that they are taking the game then yeah, pirates need a buff, not a nerf.


I’ve posted screenshots of my cargo fleets in another thread, one or two destroyers as FS and the rest freighters. They’ve never been attacked by anything. The last time I had a naked freighter fleet, it was eaten by pirates.

My war fleets take care of pirates as I choose. Various combinations of destroyers, cruisers and battleships.

Your mileage may vary.


I feel the need to weigh in here. Pirate fleets strength seems to be related to your current level of research and nothing to do with your current level/strength of your fleets. I feel this is wrong.

Also, they can spawn inside your planet and just destroy all your fleets there - I had (albeit earlier in A3) one spawn in a planet and kill about 4 or 5 freighter fleets. That is NOT a minor nuisance in anyones book.

I agree we could do with more variety in them. All I see are 11/14 pirate fleets which I can now destroy without getting any ppaintwork scratched on my fleet. I like the idea of some fast pirates who just nick your resources from a fleet or planet - not even kill it - just steal. Then try chasing them down and getting it back - more fun. I am dreading researching T4 shipyard - I expect they will become 14/14 pirate fleets then!

More variety also in what they have in there fleet. That way we can maybe make some specialised fleets for them.

Just something thinking out loud


Funny that the game is not enough farm. Outrageous, but sometimes you have to build warships and conduct military operations. Urgently need a nerf! )


Here is how the AI works:

If you have NO attack ships in a system, Pirates can and will spawn there and kill your ships that are undefended.

Pirate will also steal resources if there are no ships around to kill.

Pirates are attracted to people trading resources via canisters, or transfers.

Placing a few attack ships in your freighter fleets is like in Stellaris with attack fleets in a system, they basically ward of pirates attacking.

IF you have attack fleets in most of your systems, pirate instead spawn right outside a system, and will move away.

Pirate fleets are insanely easy to kill, if you are having trouble killing them, please ask someone for help. As a human player, the weakest of the four races, I have constantly outpaced pirates. I can take on 11/14 fleets without T3 ships, only a fleet of T2 frigates. Since literally every other T2 ship in the game is more powerful than human T2, that means everyone else can take these pirates out too fairly easy.

Pirates are super super super easy, if you are having issues with pirates, then you need to change how you are dealing with them, or how you are defending yourself. If you have issues with pirates, then most likely you will be rolled over by actual PvP, as people are smarter than the AI.

A couple other things to mention, pirates are deadly if you don’t use shields cause they use armor bane weapons, they only use plasmas/armor bane. This means heavy shields + ballistics can take them down.

Pirates drop massive amounts of resources, each fleet drops around 1-2 ships worth of resources at the appropriate levels. 11/14 fleets drop 70k F, and 18k Zi. Its worth it to invest in a pirate killing fleet, then farm back the resources that you invested, it shouldn’t take too long as pirate spawn at least a couple times per week.


Keep attack ships with your hauling ships
Keep attack ships in systems/gravity wells of your planets
Build a shield heavy/ballistic heavy fleet to fight pirates

These basic concepts will help you, once you find your sweet spot, you will beg the Devs to put more pirates in game.


The only issue here is that you could end up spending half of your fleet cap to keep a fleet at each planet. Granted that is a rabbit hole that’s well off topic here…


Indeed, which is wholeheartedly being tackled elsewhere, in general the cap will have to be upped, or fundamentals of the game changed.