Pirates, they need a nerf!



I would like to ask the dev team to seriously look into how agressive the pirates when a player advances
i had just reseached my first t2 ship blueprint (mankind frigate) and the same day i see 7 pirates spawning all over my controlled system and with my t1 ships standing not a single chance ( i still have to upgrade my ship yard to tech 2 to be able to build the frigate and be able to fairly fight the pirates)
meanwhile my t1 destroyers barely stand a chance against pritaes5, but i die everytime i fight a lvl 6 or 7 and those destroyers arent cheap at all when im still at my level

meanwhile those pirates have been around for a while now and now they target my cargo ships, today i woke up to them killing 5 of my fleets (i was putting together a fleet of destroyers but they killed that and my cargo ships that were parked in my planet )

the fact that they were unleashed when i researched a t2 bp, that is what i think should be changed

either to:
1- have those pirates start spawning when at least 1 ship yard 2 is upgraded
2- have them spawn when the first t2 ship is actually built !

otherwise anyone who does the same mistake as me and research the t2 friagte before the ship yard tech 2 is gonna get massivly screwed as i just did
and it’ll happen a lot



Ive already mentioned this in another post. I agree they do seem to be too aggressive and something needs to be done but not sure exactly what yet


i think the two solutions i’ve offered are good, cuz they let you be prepared to be able to equally fight those pirates

i mean it could even get worse as it is now, if i research a t3 ship and then research a bp for it and t3 pirates start flying around left and right, it’d be catastrophic !


i mean i have 5-6 of those fleets paralyzing my system :confused:


Yeah Ive had that. Had some spawn on a planet I had a cargo on and it immeidately killed it - a Pirate 7 against a lowly freighter 1. Not fair teddy bear!!

If they spawn then they should only spawn at a level that you currently have your shipyard at and not at what you have researched.


Yup pirates have definitely become more aggressive and more a pain. Can’t say I really like them currently.


I think it’s fine for them to be aggressive, plentiful, and spawn appropriately according to your tech level… But…

They should only spawn up to a certain # of fleets. If you choose never to kill off your level 1 pirates, then they need to keep hanging out instead of changing to higher # and levels.

Also, pirate new spawns should be based off your highest tech that you have actually BUILT and are using in your own fleets. Right now, I think the problem is they spawn according to your research, instead. This is not good. Use existing ships in space as the measure of pirates to spawn. This lends strength to the idea that the pirates respond to you as a player and adapt to you, and perhaps even steal their tech & ships & people from among your own.


Agreed. Highest tech that you have BUILT not researched


I wish I had seen this post before I researched Cruiser hulls. :frowning:


As long as you don’t research the BP you’re fine


I’m getting 9/14 pirate ship fleets still, but the only thing T3 that’s been researched is the Syntis Freighter 3 which gives me access to one T2 freighter BP and one T3 freighter BP. I’m not even remotely close to being able to produce and arm, T3 ships yet.

May I humbly suggest that you break up the Syntis freighter hulls into one per research so this doesn’t happen? I’ve got pirates that vastly outgun anything I can produce currently wandering all over my neck of the woods, all because I didn’t realize that researching a new level of freighter would signal to the pirates that I was ready to start fighting T3 ships.


My (real) complaint about pirates is that there is not enough variety in them.

I’d love to see some little guys again with faster engines taking a snipe at a merchant fleet (as they should) that I have to have fast patrol ships to track down and swat. But no all I get now are warfleets that would make a Klingon blush!

I long to screen shot the first Pirate Dreadnought… Because if there isn’t one then at that point, as in A2, they just become free food, allowing the strong to get stronger and the weaker (read newer) players to get even more stuffed than they already are if they join a mature Galaxy.

Where DO they build these technologically marvellous ships anyhow?

These are not Pirates they are the marauders out of Firefly, which is OK after a fashion but leads to a rather dull “Arms race”, not at all like the image of a space pirate I had in my mind.

Besides its been observed if you leave them alone they tend to do the same to you rendering them a self inflicted irritant. It was pretty annoying to discover that the hard way I can tell you!


I don’t know if this post from A2 is relevant any more, but anyhow…

Please send more pirates. I need the Zyril.



My understanding is that pirates are supposed to generally be a minor annoyance. Early in the game they should be the only real combat you see, but as you grow your combat should shift from NPC to PvP.

Also, as Teeo mentioned, this thread was a necro from A2. Pirates changed a lot in A2. So far I have no real issue with them. It’s annoying when they spawn in planet, but (at least for me) orbit defense seems to have prevented them from killing fleets in orbit.


I think you are correct Pirates are supposed to be a minor annoyance that helps prepare for PvP.

But will all due respect thats not how they function in my opinion.

As spleenvendor mentioned they seem over enthusiastic in there aggression level. Yes sure you will get to the point you can dismiss them here as we did in A2 but they trigger too aggressively and act as a break on folks that like to get the economics and inter system trade set up before warfare.

If they are a PvP training annoyance, surely having slowly scaling small pirate groups are well as the odd big fleet makes more sence. All they do now is test your top warfleets, if they catch a freighter unit its toast. Hence my ironic comment on Pirate dreadnoughts as if they dont spawn then sooner or later Pirates just feed resources to players already past the battle ready point while slowing less aggressive players down so they can be more easily beaten by those that went for the total war option first.

This means to compete in Outscape you have to be a warrior first and not everyone wants to play that way and I feel reduces the games over all appeal as it forces you into one archetype: Space Battlers Unlimited.

A better way of using them as an in game PvP preparation system in my view would be to slowly add bigger and better fleets but without phasing out the smaller more easily killable fleets. That leave less aggressive players with something to test their ships against without providing a massive reward for those that have learned that lesson which is effectively free food.

Single sparrow class ships that gained freewarp 2 or 3 would be a lot of fun to hunt down with scouts as they could in theory menace your shipping lanes without adding planet killing battle fleets that roam at will unkillable until the players finally get the same.


Put a destroyer in your ‘freighter’ fleets and pirates won’t touch you.


“A destroyer” really you think that would stop any pirate fleet? Or do you mean that they just don’t attack them?

If the latter we have had different experiences Methinks. The Pirates roaming my area are 11+ strong mostly Frigate class and eat anything short of a cruiser battle-group (which eats them without loss I would add)

I’d prefer to see those PLUS smaller groups that a Destroyer escorted Freight group would have a chance against. That could be fun juggling “How much” firepower to add vs how much freight capacity you’d have to sacrifice. :slight_smile:


@Teeo’s point is that you need to have fleets protected, and you need to scale that protection

It’s the same idea if you were fight another player. Aside from their spawning location pirates aren’t fast, they don’t cloak, and they don’t use mines. You should be able to outsmart and outmaneuver them most of the time


Oh I agree. Fleets should be protected.

But no fleet I have yet seen can carry the firepower to kill the current Pirate groups AND carry a decent amount of cargo.

So until then two fleets in tandem it is! Of course the Pirate might sweep past the guard fleet and kill the Freighters if I am not online but hey… as you say they are too slow to really do that right now.

I guess I just wish for an “all in one solution” oh well :slight_smile:


You can’t fit a decent defense and freighters? I typically have been running 2-3 T2 destroyers with 4-5 freighters. So far pirates have left my cargo fleets alone (aside from that time when I accidentally attacked an 11/14 with a cargo fleet…). I also have hunter-killer fleets for taking out the pirate fleets.

Personally, I like that the pirates scale as they do. It means that you have to at least pay some attention to fleet combat readiness.

Also, keep in mind that the pirates are easy when compared to PvP. If you leave unprotected freighters it’s just a matter of time before a player comes raiding with a cloaked fleet. You should get in the habit of having enough firepower to at least act as a deterrent.