Patch v114 Follow-up [Complete]

Following the patch we released earlier we need to do a small update. We’ll update this thread as soon as the update is ready and the servers are back online.

Update: this has now been completed and the game servers should be back online.

This update affects minefields:

  • It won’t be possible to sweep a minefield that is already being swept
  • Although it’s no longer possible to lay minefields on top of each other, it will be possible to lay a minefield on top of another if its density has dropped to 10% or below



So what about the other part of this so I’m not spending 16h40m / 8h20m staring at my screen trying to protect a single 4-8 flagship sweeper corvette?


So this is nice. I go away and the patch is added now I have ships stuck in a minefield because you patched without warning. Honestly getting very tired of the poor implementations and lack of addressing EULA breaches.

Hate to say this but it may be time to put some steam feedback out there as other people are wasting their money coming into a game that is poorly managed and allows cheating to occur with 0 repercussions.

So disappointed in IDA right now.

@joe and more issues. Get the message the mine is gone yet you can see the mine is not gone. Showing 1%. So I tested and sure enough got damage messages. You need to back out the min changes until you can get it right.

Won’t the minesweeper function on the ships allow them to leave? If not, then that poses a new issue to consider @joe. They should still be able to proceed though the minefield, but not perform actual sweeping.

Nope it is not working. Also this mine field has been at 1% for almost an hour. You can see my other 2 sweeper fleets trapped in the minefield because of it.


Actually (other than bad timing of the patch), the more I think about it, this prevents war fleets from being towed across minefields. Might be a good idea not to allow more than the sweeper and it’s fleet to be in the minefield active at one time. Interesting thought…

The density problem sounds like a bug, should have been done when it said it was.

I do not disagree with you if it was announced first. The change was to stop stacking and sweeping stacking nothing else was added on the change list so no one could be prepared. The issue is they need to fix mines and test before implementing changes.

I’m not sure any of us thought of the ramifications of eliminating stacking. That renders the subsequent sweepers useless and stranded, as they should be. But as you say the timing is bad.

Also @joe and other testers. What happens if you have two people each with a sweeper enter the same minefield (it will happen). Is there a notification prior to entering that an active minefield is being swept, use caution when entering? I doubt it and it will be an issue, especially for friends/allies.

In IDA’s defense, they were being hollered at by almost everyone about implementing the end of stacking of minefields without also implementing the end of stacking for sweepers at the same time.


What is everyone’s feeling if there is an active sweeper in a minefield and another active minesweeper approaches the edge of the minefield that it come to a full stop, with a notification to the player that they are entering a minefield already being swept, the sweeping function of this ship will not work. Or something to that effect.


A lot of knee jerk reactions… I just got on… need time to digest all the ramifications… also @joe a more detailed explanation of the mechanic would be greatly appreciated. Gotta go in game and do all sorts of testing ourselves otherwise.


lol we are the testers. As far as I know 1 minelayer, 1 minefield until it is 10% density, then lay another minefield. 1 minesweeper on one minefield, otherwise the mine sweeper does not function as a sweeper any longer. Time for minelayer has not changed, nor the damage. Sweeper was to have been upgraded to match the mine layer’s time. So mine laying 4 hours, same tier sweeper is also to be 4 hours.

What we “failed” to consider was an ally who might venture into an area being swept. Some sort of notification is needed, and I suggested an action to stop the fleet, of the ally entering unaware that the field is already being swept.

Our test is does it function as in paragraph 1. Beyond that what do we do next with mine warfare. I already made my suggestions on another post. As have you, so how does this change affect your last proposal?

Well, it’s a start tbh:

  1. In my proposal I left it up to IDA to figure out the laying/sweeping rates. What this does is give IDA control on determining the overall duration of a minefield with sweeping. Complaints before were that if someone put enough sweepers it wouldn’t last long enough to give you protection to go offline to sleep or work etc. So now, IDA can fix the time (which is still to come if I understand correctly). So if they set it to a reasonably long period, say 8 hours… then casual players should be happy.

  2. I’m unsure how the mechanic actually works but from some of what I’ve read, it sounds like only one sweeper can be active in a mine field? If so, this also makes it more difficult for someone to ferry units across a minefield to by-pass it. So again, more casual players should be happy.

  3. If you can only start laying a field again once the existing one has fallen to 10%, and someone can still clear that last 10% faster than a new mine field can be laid, then attackers will always have a window of opportunity to get to their target before a new mine field pops up again. Mind you… this could be very interesting tactically… because if it pops while you have fleets still there… and you can only use one sweeper at a time to move people… your fleets are going to be stuck and vulnerable! The exact timings are going to be critical.

  4. Given that people are not going to want their mine field down for too long, it would make since to reduce mine laying times. If you can’t start laying until the field is almost all gone, then the difference in laying and sweeping rates is irrelevant since its no longer a race to try to out lay or out sweep the other guy. And ofc I’m all for shorter mine laying times!!! :joy:

We don’t have all the information and the changes aren’t complete yet, so I’m reserving judgement for now.

And I do understand we’re the testers, but they can still provide us with a better description of the mechanic.

I’ve been pushing for a long time for minefields to be visible to ships scanners tier 2 and up. And I’ve also suggested fleets autostop or automatically reroute around the minefield.


Actually that is not a bad recommendation. There was a time you could put detectors on all ships but with he fuel changes etc that no longer made sense. This is a fair way for detection that still requires some effort to achieve.

Nice recommendation @WarMongers!


Minefields are still stacked from before the patch. Have one system I can see the 43% 100 damage base minefield as well as the 87% 1000 damage end game one. So could be 20 1% minefields there still.

There was only 1. :slight_smile: I had looked.

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First of all I want to apologize again for yesterday’s downtime and subsequent unexpected updates.

The changes with minelaying and minesweeping weren’t explained clearly enough. Hopefully the following details will clear things up a bit.


  • You cannot lay a minefield if doing so would overlap a minefield already laid or being laid (this should extend to those by a player you have a treaty with but I’ve seen a report that this isn’t working).
  • When it’s not possible to lay a minefield because of this restriction the button on the fleet menu is inactive and the tool-tip explains why.
  • But if the minefield’s density is 10% or below another minefield can be laid to overlap it


  • You cannot activate a minesweeper if doing so would sweep a minefield already being swept.
  • On the map it may look like the minesweeper is far from the minefield, because the radius of a minesweeper’s range is equal to its sensor range, which could be much wider than that of the area covered by a minefield.
  • But right now there isn’t a check to stop a minesweeper from sweeping if it is activated further away and then moved to within sensor/sweeping range of a minefield already being swept. We’re going to do something about this. The minesweeper will remain engaged but it will be clear that it isn’t actively sweeping the minefield because the minefield is already being swept. The reason this wasn’t done yet was because it had the potential to cause issues with load/performance.

It’s also been pointed out that minesweeping times weren’t adjusted yet.


OK so just to be clear it is intended that other sweepers can no long pass through the minefield safely? Because I had 2 trapped and got damage when trying to move them to safety.

Just exploring the possibilities here, what happens if someone becomes an ally after the minefields have been laid? Do they both stay there? Because, if so, a simple work around for allied players to be able to stack mines would be to simply cancel their treaty, lays mines, re-establish their treaty.