Patch v104 (Play with Friends) Issues

Hi everyone,

We wanted to let you know that we are aware of the issues that have been raised following yesterday’s patch:

  • Bugs with fleets: 1) ‘teleporting’ elsewhere when ordered to move 2) unable to transfer resources 3) fleet icons not visible sometimes
  • Concerns with the new play with friends feature and how it can be exploited

We’re looking into it now and will get back to you with an update as soon as possible.

Apologies for the inconvenience and frustration,


Update: our developers have been working on the bugs with fleet movement since this morning but haven’t been able to fix it yet. They’re still working on it, but we don’t yet know when we’ll have a fix ready. As soon as I know when that will be I’ll let you know. I do expect to have an update for you tomorrow on the situation with play with friends. Your patience is appreciated and we apologize again for the issues following this patch.


How it can? Its been adequately Demonstrated how it could (in theory) kill the game new player uptake stone dead!

Far too many games out there with exploits Joe this needs to go back and be reworked ASAP or it could generate a loada negativity Right before Christmas.

Honestly mate great concept but people as a mass are NOT that honest to use as you obviously intended! Better to roll back with a note like this saying your earnestly working on it then leave it up making a stink!

That way you get respect for quickly addressing an issue flagged up by well pretty much everybody that’s active from what I am seeing?! You noted how old antagonists are all agreeing that the Play with friend idea - as it currently is- is bad?

I think you are reading his post wrong. He’s acknowledging it “can” be exploited based on everything written, not questioning “how”.


Still needs an immediate rollback. The longer this goes on, the more damage will be done.


Hmm yes possibly. I concede the point.

Right now Joe & Co have acknowledged there IS an issue here and that’s good enough for me. I’ll endevor to give the gents room to work without too much scroogishness on my part!

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They just need to decide what the solution is. There still NEEDS to be a way to play with friends. I’d agree at this point a roll back is probably the best solution. The “need” is still there, but a better overall solution is warranted.


lets be honest there is loads of “exploits” in this game like many others. Problem is you start restricting things and you just make it harder. Allowing a friend who is a new player to join within your area is great. in simple terms you can drop them free resi, Dual pop them etc…Hold on your worried about dual pop cheating. then in simple terms get rid of dual pops, quick easy and problem solved.

The best way is make a decision as to what is exploiting and ban it simply.

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Dualpops isnt the issue here. The issue is multi account planet trading. You can upgrade all your main accounts planets to resource rich and climate optimal homeworlds with a T3 orbital as a bonus on top. This simply by trading planets with alt accounts on all of them.

Dualpops are fine after the exploits with multi account trading are sorted there.


The issue here, is that you can make each system a perfect world with T3 ODS for yourself to take with the friend code. Or you can just farm hundreds of thousands of resources and population.

@WarMongers demonstrated just how messed up things were.

We had a guy prepared to do this 25 times, and already did it at least once to show it was viable. This game is HEAVILY based on a new P2W policy. This would have destroyed that.


So if we are not happy with the current situation and method of “play with friends” then maybe we should come up with our own solution. One that we can figure out how it can be abused and have a solution to stop the abuse, then present it to the Devs with a solid and practical method for implication into the game, keeping it as simple as possible.

I did long time ago. Add people to sectors to 75%, leave the 25% open for new players to join near friends. Right now they get added all over the map and if you’re lucky and join at the same time you “might” be near a friend

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your suggesting “blank” areas of space where no player has been spawned, so that friends could be spawned in that blank sector?..Sounds good to me but your friends best hurry and join before i strip mine all those lovely planets


They shouldn’t “create” systems until there are players to fill them. That’s another big error now. Systems are created, people take planets, then new people jump in game and poof you lose what you took. Anything designated for new players doesn’t exist yet. Usable and available systems do.

The current amount of people populate less than 20% of the map, I think Sectors are fine. Its something that has been talked about a lot, and is in the Dev’s roadmap.

As for the friend code situation, there have been some suggestion to actually make it work without P2W:

  1. The world doesn’t turn into a perfect world.
  2. They don’t get a T3 ODS
  3. They don’t get resources
  4. There is a timer for at least a week or two, before you can use the feature again

Basically you become responsible for anyone you bring near you.


If it’s in their “roadmap” they have certainly not tried to follow the roadmap in anything they’ve done to reach that goal.

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They posted a roadmap at the beginning of EA. Sectors were much farther down the list, space docks, expansion, alliances, automation, and QoL were much higher.

So sectors, lets say an 8 x 8 grid, 64 sectors to the galaxy. you have the option to join any sector you like, when you start the game, it gives you an “amount full” for each sector, so you know how populated it is. you have the choice as a non allied player of finding a quiet bit of space, the least populated. Or you have the option of tell all the COTP guys to take sectors 7 or 8 as AE we have the option of telling our guys Sectors 37, 38 etc etc. In simple terms most of the allied players will be in a region of space that isnt acrossed the other side of the galaxy. You can tell a friend which sector to chose to be near you…Down side is it requires a galaxy reset, but it would come at some point in the future, but i guess if implimented now. We could if we so wished reset and choose the same sector as our friends or just continue to play until reset.

@Cheatle were you thinking along these lines?

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We still need a rollback to fix the problems caused by this.


Yeah something along those lines.

It would most likely be 5 by 5 or 10 by 10 squares (100 by 100 ly squares) with a single square around each sector as a buffer zone between sectors. You have say 16 sectors open from 0,0, that is the 4 starting sectors, and the 12 sectors that surround that. They would all be open at a launch.

Once they hit 70% capacity for that sector a random adjacent square opens up, so there is constantly somewhere for new people to go.

This does mean that groups can choose a sector and via for it too.

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i would say thats a sound solution, still open to abuse that someone could join a sector, the system gets terra formed and they reset but as you have a cool down of 5 days, i guess that is acceptable. means with a second account you just cant create a load of 90% land mass planets within a sector.