Overpopulated Colony Rebalancing

Hi everyone,

In the next patch we plan to address balance issues with overpopulated colonies. At the moment it’s possible to maintain a population twice the size that the colony should be able to support.

We’re going to speed up (x10) the rate at which a population size decreases when a colony is overpopulated (based on the planet’s limit, not the limit supported by farms).

So it will still be possible to overpopulate a planet temporarily, but to do so long-term and on a large scale won’t be feasible/worth doing.

We don’t have a date for the next patch yet but wanted to give you a heads up of this coming change.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Very nice change. Could you also please apply this population size decrease to planets of players who have reset/quit?

Just needed to make it so the work force is the only taxable part of the population. Upgrading landmass with group upgrades will trigger an extreme die off for syntis. @joe

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It would not be difficult to calculate the max by either the current landmass or the race’s prefered, which ever is greater, though that is an important loophole to address if it has not already been addressed.

Just making it so buildings like farms, climate/hydro adjustment stations, and a few others work while upgrading fix the issue.

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