Overall First Impression of Pre-Beta

With the exception of the bugs I’ve encountered, I’m very happy with my start on Pre-Beta vs the same point when I started A3.

Not super excited about my Homeworld system, but it’s a little better than A3, but I’d advise next go around make sure the homeworld planet is at least 12K or better. 9k is still way too small. And have at least have a fairly decent 16K size or bigger planet as a 2nd one that you can colonize. My 2nd planet is only 12k. Neither planet is really big enough for a T3 SY, though I’ll try to squeeze one in on the 12k planet temporarily (when I’m ready)

Overall the resource availability at my homeworld and 2nd planet are very good, much better than A3 and I am finding other systems close enough to reach within 2 hours at w4 that all have at least one planet worth colonizing of decent size and good resources. Some have a 2nd race that appears to be useful.

When I started on A3 I spent about 1-3 hours online each day before either running out of things to do or waiting to arrive at another system to explore because they were so far away. So far on Pre-Beta I’m spending about 3-5 hours online exploring after getting the basics done.

The only thing hampering me from spending more time is lack of credits, which build very slowly in the beginning. But at least I’m able to explore instead of having nothing to do.

Good job overall, just need to get a handle on the various bugs.


Unfortunately I’m having the opposite experience with exploration. I spawned in a system that is much farther away from any others than I was in A3 and it’s really hampering my ability to spend time playing or get anything done.

It feels like homeworld spawning needs to be more controlled to make sure people don’t end up in a situation like this. I’m still working at expanding but it feels like I’m at a severe disadvantage for it.

That’s unfortunate. How long to your nearest system at w4?

6-7 hours at warp 4. My colony ship can’t even make it the whole distance with all slots dedicated to fuel.

That is bad, or I really lucked out, if they figure out the galaxy full situation you might want to consider a reset and hope for a better area.

I don’t think you lucked out. If you zoom out to the galaxy view you can see that this only happens if you spawn along the edges of the arms. Still shouldn’t be allowed to happen but at least most people should end up in more dense areas.
So far I’m just running with it. I want to see if I can actually compete even though I’m at this disadvantage. We’ll see how long I get before I get crushed.

If you have some decent systems further out you can treat them as “home” base, you just won’t have the T3 Orbital Defense there and will have to build them up. I did that eventually on A3. But I agree they should be consistent with their spawning of players.

yeah i spawned on the outer edge of one of the starting edges of an arm so most stuff is fairly far from any other system for the most part. made worse by having made contact with 3 separate players already. gonna be a blood bath i suspect.